Six Sentence Sunday! “Heroes Lost and Found”!

I just finished the edits for the last in the “Blaze of Glory” series and thought I’d toss a few sentences out! We’re trying to get the release date moved up from October… so you might see the last, best adventure of Jo Tanis and the Protectors before then!


I reached out and grabbed Rachael’s arm. A sharp tug backwards and sideways and she was with us, weeping as she leaned into my shoulder.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over,” she whimpered, her eyes closed.

I covered her face with my hand. I didn’t have any words left for what was about to happen, nothing to offer to make our exit memorable. All I could do was keep her from staring into her killer’s face and having that as her last memory.


Have a great weekend!

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