bits and pieces…

Well, still hammering on "Blaze of Glory" to make sure it’s all polished up and special to go out in the mail this weekend… of course, I keep getting distracted by buying pretty baubles in Second Life for me avatar!


I attended the Walt Whitman discussion last night again, although lag problems had us relocate to Winterfell, a beautiful sim with a faboo library. The talk went well, though I got lost a few times in the finer points of "Song of Myself" when we jumped ahead and I was behind scribbling notes in my paperback copy purchased from Barnes & Noble for just that reason. However, still enjoying and looking forward to the next meeting in two weeks! The head librarian, Mr. Drinkwater, is always thoughtful enough to rez a small toadstool for yours truly to sit down on – being a tiny clockwork dragon is quite bothersome at times.

And I proved to myself that I do have at least ONE female fashion gene when I spent most of yesterday finding a nice outfit to wear and then tossing a fit when SL was lagging out and I thought they would cancel the meeting. NOT after I bought a new outfit, I say! NAY!

*rolls eyes*

And just now visited a virtual King Tut exhibit – more details here in a blog that has more details, but well worth the visit. I actually saw the original exhibit when it toured many, MANY years ago and visited Toronto, but didn’t really appreciate it at the time due to just being young and in a grumpy mood. The graphics are fantastic and if you go into Second Life for nothing else, visit this exhibit. The audio presentations alone make it worth it.

Meanwhile upgraded from the Wii Fit to the EA Active. We also purchased the Gold’s Gym Cardio workout, but the Wookie’s not as much into boxing as I am. The EA Active may or may not work for us; on my first try today it about killed me with the "easy" work out. I think I’ll spend more time creating custom workouts such as the boxing and the dance and keep away from the formatted one. The only major complaint I have about the game to this point is that there’s no way to "see" the workout until you start it…

And, after almost a year…

my broken left pinky finger seems to be finally able to type without pain. I still flex it a lot and I think it’ll be a prime candidate for arthritis in a few years, but at least I’m not wincing in pain every time I use it. Which is a lot.

Back to BoG!

Wii are running… sort of…

Well, the Wook’s managed to lose over 20 pounds (currently at about 24 lost) and I’m struggling to lose anything other than my temper… so we’ve now moved to the run section of the Wii Fit.

Basically it’s much like the Step portion, but you get to run through a virtual island. Totally gorgeous and the programming is fantastic! You can vary your route if you chase a little dog at certain points, but the runs are three, six and fifteen minutes around the island, through tunnels and over waterfalls. And there’s a free run that just clocks you in for ten, twenty and thirty minutes of running.

So today I clocked in the 15 minutes advanced run and 10 minutes free which came to just over a mile. I don’t totally run; it’s more of a powerwalk to keep everything moving and keep the jiggling down to a minimum.

Again, so much more in this program that we still haven’t exploited over three months after buying the darned thing. Still working on the snowboarding part and there’s yoga poses and strength training that we dare not try until we get a whole lot lighter.


now if I could only send in pre-programmed men to jog in front of me for inspiration… hmm… 


Wii is Fit!

… well, at least one of us is. The Wookie hit his goal last night of losing twenty pounds, TWO WEEKS before the three month deadline.


me, well… I’m limping along and still need to lose eight, but that’s probably not going to happen. However, I am feeling a lot better and have a LOT better muscle tone. Still doing the thirty minutes of step daily, yoga and added in ten minutes of rhythmic boxing wearing arm and leg weights, so… I’m trying not to focus too much on the weight thang. Besides, it’s a proven fact that women lose weight slower than men.


I’m still VERY impressed with our Wii Fit, coming up on three months now – the board has still managed to survive over an hour per day of us standing or stepping on it; which is surprising. I was very worried about it shattering into a thousand pieces with our weight bouncing on and off the sensors and it’s doing just fine, thank you. So kudos to Nintendo for making something that good!

so… again, highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good fitness regime and it’s something that could work for and with you.


Books, Books, Books…

Well, it’s been a great year for movies AND books in my opinion – sure we got a FABOO Iron Man (insert RDJ fangirl swoon here) and looking forward to more excellent comic-based movies but there’s some great books out there for those of you looking for something a bit different.

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs is set in the Mercy Thompson world – and if you haven’t met her then you’re missing out on a wonderfully crafted world of shapeshifting, werewolves and magic. I just finished this one, the first spin-off so to speak, and I can’t wait for more. If you’re looking for a great way to spend some time in a different reality plus some hot sexy werewolf men… well, drop by the garage!

And I’m about to start on the newest Julie Kenner book, Deja Demon – her fourth in a series that started off with Carpe Demon. Imagine what would or could happen if Buffy, our favorite vampire slayer, decided to retire and get married and have a normal life. Except, as usual, things don’t always go to plan. With excellent characterization and dialogue that just won’t stop I’m dying to get into this newest book! And anyone who’s a Kim Possible fan and mentions it in her books, well… that clinches the deal for me!

I’m still slogging through The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, but that’s because it’s non-fiction and a bit hard to digest quickly. Although the audiobook is a godsend during my Wii Fit step sessions and I can focus in better on the concepts. Still highly recommend this if you’re looking for the future wrapped up in an easily understandable package.

Nothing more to report on the Blu Phi’er Publishing problems, other than a discussion on how the best of intentions can often turn a small press into a nightmare for the authors. It’s sad to see how many people get taken in by sweet words about how good their book is and how the publisher is right behind them… and then it turns out to be a horrible contract; lies about distribution and the like and the author is left holding the bag. 

The saddest thing is, to me, that these people aren’t evil. But they know little if anything about publishing and figure that because they can run a computer or a business in another field that it all translates over – and that’s just not true. Publishing is a full-time job with a whole lot of dedication needed and skills that can be only acquired through research and experience – andanyone who says otherwise is tooting smoke, IMO. Publishing companies have been started by housewives, computer programmers and disgruntled authors with no idea of how the system works or how they can make it work for them. And in the end so many of them fail that it’s sad. 

Again – check out your micropresses. Some of them may be honest, hardworking souls who really care about getting your book to the public. But there are those, and plenty of them on the Absolute Write boards, who don’t know what they’re doing and just want to play at being a publisher. Why give them YOUR book to play with?


drabbles of a broken finger…

first, the interesting stuff – purchased the audiobook of Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” this weekend to go with the paper copy – and if you haven’t heard/read/listened to this, you need to. As in, yesterday. It explains a lot of what’s going on out there in the world and globalization and how it all fits together in a historical sense. I learnt/am learning a lot listening/reading this and I’m sure you will as well. 

and yes, it’ll affect your life. It has mine when I think about it – I work and live on the ‘net along with millions of others, not to mention found the Wook online when online romances hadn’t really started and weren’t the norm as it is today. And it really knocks down a lot of misperceptions and out and out lies that we’ve been told about outsourcing and how the world works. Not to mention the author’s other books are faboo as well.

still struggling with the broken finger. It’s annoying, VERY annoying and will be probably for another month. And having the parental unit comment about how it may not be healing properly and straight and all that does wonder for one’s blood pressure, as you can imagine.

speaking of, and of course, I’m about to purge the house of junk food from same since she’s gone back home. Love her dearly, but whenever she comes to visit we all put on weight. And the Wii Fit is NOT happy at the moment, since I’ve only lost two pounds since we started this dance almost three months ago. I am feeling better physically, which is what I remind myself when the weight count comes up and I start scowling at the screen. Not to mention that right now my left leg seems to be way out of balance, which I’m putting down to the broken finger. I’m thinking of putting a weight on it when I do my step workout in order to make it work harder and thus put it back in gear… but I dunno. Anyone with any fitness expertise is welcome to put in their two cents and advise me on that. My balance is way off when I try to balance on the left and it’s embarassing.

received a few rejections on shorts over the past week; going to round them up and send them back out again this week. Note to all you aspiring writers – they won’t sell if you keep them on your hard drive! Take the rejection and send it back out ASAP! Unless it’s reached the point of no return with so many rejections that you KNOW it’s got something wrong with it, of course.

for you anime fans – it’s AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER week on Nick, finally!The week’s full of new eps and the big finale this weekend… so don’t miss it to find out what happens to Aang and the GAang!!!! 

the Wook’s loving the Middleman, on ABC Family – if you haven’t caught one ep of this quirky new series, you have to. Think of it as a family-friendly Torchwood, if you can. Really.

saw the Dr. Who finale this weekend with a friend up in Erie. Won’t spoil it for anyone, but is there ANYONE Captain Jack won’t try to shag? Seriously? I mean… he’s just so greedy!

and… that’s it. Finger’s sore and in the splint and errors galore are being typed and fixed. Still a Tony/Pepper fanatic and thinking of fanfiction, but there’s so much GOOD stuff out there…

over and out, good buddy!

 we’ve decided to add the daily run to our Wii Fit workout, even tho just the three-minute run is enough to have us both panting wildly…

the Wook has lost over ten pounds, me only about three – but it’s done an excellent job of toning our muscles and certainly helped rehab my back, so I have no complaints at all. I’m actually surprised that the board hasn’t broken or needed to be repaired after almost three months of near-nonstop use and abuse, so… go Nintendo! I’m at the point with the Wii Fit that if anyone needs a testamonial about it, drop me a line! I’m not sure how “official” the yoga segment is, but I can attest to everything else being an excellent way to work out – especially if you’re in an area with lots of rain and/or lack of sidewalks/safe places to walk!


finger is doing much better; will probably be brave enough to attempt real typing next week – have work on the burner that’s not gonna wait forever – short stories to resub, write and that RPG to get done!

P.S. Sorry, Dan – nothing about you today. Check back tomorrow!


hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wii… are slowly winning!

A month after getting our Wii Fit it’s obvious that something is happening… not necessarily a heck of a lot of weight loss (me – just about four pounds. The Wook? Seven… drat that male metabolism!) but we’re definitely getting toned.

which is good, because I’m tired of huffing and puffing around conventions and shows looking for an empty chair to fall into. I’m just tired of it.

I know my legs are getting stronger, which is good – need them to carry this old frame around for a bit.

so… I think we can call the Wii Fit definitely endorsed by this household. If you’re looking for a good healthy game I recommend it highly. Sure, it’s a bit pricey and you need to own the actual Wii to start with, but it’s better than hitting the track if you’re self-conscious (as we are) or in an area that just doesn’t allow you to get out and exercise (as where we are – no sidewalks and hilly/raining 23 out of 24 days in a month).

meanwhile… anyone NOT getting the whole gay marriage kerfluffle? It’s been legal in Canada for years and we’ve somehow managed to survive.


’nuff said.

still can’t do da tree…

… but otherwise the Wii Fit is still kicking butt – primarily mine. I’ve managed to survive both the basic step and the advanced; now I get the ten/twenty/thirty minute free step that I can do to any music I want.

*cue up Speed Racer soundtrack*

heh, heh…

I’m not sure if I’m actually LOSING weight but I’m sure working myself over, which is all Good. The Wookie’s enjoying it as well, especially the slalom race where he’s just racking up the records. I unlocked the snowboarding game which is rather interesting. Can’t say that we’ve found anything wrong with this game to date; it appeals to both of us and we certainly find enough different games so that we’re both still interested after a week. Which is a bonus for this old broad, says I.

I have to admit that it’s a pretty good fitness program IF you know what you’re doing – I stretch out first with the yoga then move to the strength training and then to the aerobics/balance games after that… the variety of exercises and games are definitely the bonus to the game!

went and saw Indy 4 on the weekend – as the Wook said, a GREAT X-Files movie… not so much the Indy movie that I would have wanted. LaBoeuf may have been the darling of the circuit but I saw better acting out of Hirsch for Speed Racer, and THAT was a cartoon character! Eeek… but it was good to see old Harrison still slinging that whip!

working on some original fic and, of course, some SR fanfiction because I’m still enthralled with a world that worships cars that go 500 miles an hour. Yum!

other than that, all’s quiet on the home front. At least for another two weeks until my mother comes to visit. Yes, it’s all you can think of and more.