Happy Holidays and what a year!








Best of the season to everyone – since my mother’s visiting and I’m up to my eyes in family stuff I’ll probably make this the last post of the year…

First, thank YOU for visiting my blog! It’s been great to get feedback on my thoughts, my rants and be able to show off my faboo books – I’ve been invited to be a monthly blogger at Paranormal Romantics in addition to my other blogging at Beyond the Veil and Here Be Magic and I hope you’ll come on over and visit me and all the other great authors at all these blogs!

It’s been a great year – I finished off the “Blaze of Glory” trilogy with the last book releasing in ebook form in October and the print edition of the second book coming out just in the last month – and with the Origins Game Fair having the theme of “superheroes” for the gaming convention I’m looking forward to being there with a tableful of books!

In addition I’ve started off a whole new series at Carina Press with “Blood of the Pride” in February and the sequel coming out in a month on January 21st – “Claws Bared” will be the second book with the third, “Family Pride” tentatively scheduled for June 2013 – and both Blood books are going to be available in audiobook format. “Blood of the Pride” will also be available for a limited time in paperback form thanks to Harlequin picking it up for their DTC line in February so I’ll be posting when you can lay your hot little hands on Bran and Reb’s first adventure in paper form off the HQN website!

2013 looks like a busy year with three books in the “Blood of the Pride” series coming out and the final paperback of “Heroes Lost and Found” due next fall – and who knows where we’ll go from there???

Thanks to everyone for coming along on the ride and I hope you’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy my attempts to entertain you with a wee bit o’mind candy!


Up, up and away! (one more time!)

I grew up on comic books, devouring the adventures of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman like candy. There were a lot of heroes I loved to follow, from Green Arrow to the Avengers to the X-Men, all of them taking place in a world something like our own but just *that* bit different. And by different I mean twisted enough to allow the existence of superheroes.

When I started writing the first in the “Blaze of Glory” trilogy I wanted to show a reason why superheroes would exist and battle on an almost daily basis with the good guys always winning but never quite managing to keep the bad guys in jail. And the bad boys (and girls) always somehow escaping to fight another day while the good citizens continued to work around this nonstop destruction and fighting. It took a bit of time to figure out the reason but I got it – all the fights were fixed!

By the time I got to the third book in the trilogy, “Heroes Lost and Found” releasing October 2nd, I knew there had to be some sort of final end in sight for our intrepid team of supers who had managed to break their chains and earn their freedom from their captors – a resolution and, in a way, a new life ahead of them. Which brings us to the final fight, the final battle for Jo and Hunter as they figure out who they are, where they are going and how they’re going to get there.

And which heroes are going to be lost along the way and which ones will rise to the challenge…

Heroes Lost and Found, Blaze of Glory, Book 3

Jo Tanis is still recovering from her near-death experience in Las Vegas when she receives a mysterious postcard from Harris Limox, who claims to have a promising lead on the whereabouts of the Controller. Over her boyfriend/guardian Hunter’s objections, she sets off to a sleepy Oregon town to ferret out the truth.

The Controller is more than just a disgruntled super. He’s a rogue Guardian who was presumed dead and is now armed with a slew of high-tech hardware that not only makes him physically superior to the supers—and therefore almost impossible to destroy—he’s got the ability to detonate the implants in the back of all supers’ necks.

In Oregon, Jo meets a surviving Alpha super, Kit Masters, whose wild plan to capture the Controller could put an entire town of innocents at risk. But instead of successfully talking her former idol out of his disastrous bid to regain former glory, Jo finds herself betrayed and trapped in her worst nightmare.

Fight her former teammates, or die.

This is it – the final fight. Lex Luthor vs. Superman, the Joker vs. Batman, Hulk vs…. well, everyone! Who lives, who dies and who gets to live happily ever after…

And who is, in the end, a superhero.


RT Book Reviews says:

Heroes Lost and Found: 4 out of 5 stars “Brisk and playful, Nantus achieves the perfect balance between romance and explosive action…”

Heroes Without, Monsters Within: 4 out of 5 stars “This sequel … surpasses the storytelling of the original. Nantus knows how to work with setting; the scenes in Las Vegas are vivid and accurate while the supers’ secret lair is homey and comfortable.”

Blaze of Glory: 3 out of 5 stars “Nantus has crafted a superhero novel for the 21st century with a spunky, stubborn heroine…”

Why not grab them all and have the complete series on hand?

FREE for only one more day!

All good things must come to an end – and there’s only ONE more day for you to pick up “Blaze of Glory” for FREE!

This deal ends on the 14th as we get ready to release the last book in the trilogy, “Heroes Lost and Found” at the beginning of October.

So why not grab this superhero romance now and start in on the amazing adventures of Jo Tanis, a reluctant superhero learning how to be, well… a superhero!

Six Sentence Sunday – “Blaze of Glory” – and it’s FREE!

Hey, everybody!

Samhain Publishing has decided to make “Blaze of Glory” FREE for the next two weeks – with the last book in the trilogy coming out in October it’s a great time to get started on the superhero adventures of Jo and Hunter and find out what’s behind this fabulous cover!

So here’s the links:

And here’s the six sentences I hope will convince you to take a look!

For a second I saw a flash of my own press shot, smiling at the camera. “Many others are missing in action.”

I closed my eyes as the list went on and on. Some I knew, some I didn’t.

“Metal Mike, Davie Lyon…” The words punched me in the chest, stopping my breath.


I’m also happy to announce it’s going to be the topic of conversation at the Samhain Romance Book Club on Facebook!


So drop on by and check out not only my work but the other great authors from Samhain!

Have a great day!

Labor Day Blog Hop!

Tired of doing the same old thing every holiday weekend? Why not get your blood going with some faboo reading?

Right now Samhain Publishing is giving away the first book in my superhero trilogy, Blaze of Glory, for FREE!

But wait… act now by leaving a comment and I’ll randomly choose a winner to receive the next two ebooks in the trilogy as well – you’ll have a complete set of my superhero romance trilogy ready to go! Three ebooks for FREE – what a great way to end summer and get ready for the releases of the Avengers on DVD this month!

A comment on what, you say? Well… drop on over to my commentary on why I think DC Comics is being STUPID in setting Wonder Woman up with Superman. It was a hot topic earlier this week and I’d love to hear more opinions on why you do or don’t think Supes should stay with Lois Lane!

So leave a comment below on what you think about superhero romances and head on over to the other faboo authors below and see what they’re giving away – and have a great long weekend!!!

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Labor Day Blog Hop List

Blaze of Glory – FREE!

You heard it here, folks!

Samhain Publishing has decided to make the first book in my superhero trilogy, “Blaze of Glory”, FREE from September 1 – 14th.


Saving the world is easy for a superhero—unless you’re a fraud.

Jo Tanis is a superhero, fighting evil on the city streets, using her ability to feed off electromagnetic energy and fire off charges—and it’s all just a show. The Agency captures her and others like her when their powers begin to manifest, pitting them against each other in staged, gladiatorial fights. An explosive implant on the back of her neck assures she’ll keep right on smiling for the camera and beating up the bad guys.

When Earth comes under attack, suddenly the show becomes deadly real. Unable to deal with a real alien, the “supers” are falling in droves. Millions of innocent civilians are going to die…unless Jo can cobble together a team from among the fake heroes and villains the Agency enslaved. Including Hunter, who not only promises to show her how to deactivate the implants, but seems to know more than he should about how the mysterious Agency operates.

Forcing a rag-tag bunch of former enemies to work together is the least of Jo’s problems. The trick is determining if Hunter is friend or foe—and becoming the hero everyone thought she was before the world is destroyed for real.


Here are the links!

If you’ve been waiting to try out the series now’s a great time to check it out!
The second book is also available and the last book, “Heroes Lost and Found” will be out in October – but why not grab the first one now and start reading?

Going to Origins Game Fair this year? Me too!

About a decade ago I was searching for something that the Wookie and I could do for our anniversary – something a bit different. And legal. At least in Pennsylvania.

It was a delight to find the Origins Game Fair only a few hours away in Columbus, Ohio. We made a few preliminary one-day blitzes to see if it was to our liking and as time went on, made it a yearly trip with a hotel stay and everything.

We’re both gamers, to a degree – I cut my teeth on 1st Ed. AD&D and went on to enjoy Battletech, Wings of War/Glory, etc. He’s been an RPG boy from practically birth and loves Heroclix, Pathfinder and Memoir ’44 so we really look forward to every year’s trip.

But this year is different – I’ve been lucky enough to be included in the Library Track, the fast-growing area dedicated to authors both in and outside of the gaming field.

I’ll be on the “Tradition!” panel, the “Building Your World” panel on Friday and the “Flash Us, Part 2” panel on Saturday. And when I’m not getting soundly thomped by a ten-year old in various games, I’ll be at my table in the Library area inside the Dealers’ Hall offering print copies of “Blaze of Glory” and “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” along with discount coupons for “Blood of The Pride”!

So if you’re going to be in the area at the end of the month and looking to get some faboo gaming time in along with a great dealers’ room… and, oh, yes – some fantastic writing seminars with the likes of Mike Stackpole and others, drop on by and say hello!


Why I love/hate Joss Whedon- Avengers movie (spoilers!)

First – if you haven’t seen the Avengers movie you may want to move along.


I’m totally serious.

Spoilers below.

You sure?

Okay, let’s continue…

Like most of the North American population I saw The Avengers this weekend – with a husband who’s a rabid comic book fan it was more a case of “how many times” instead of “do we want to go?”… and we loved it.

But I was irked by one particular part of scripting that once had me again wondering why Joss done what he done… basically, killing off a main character to invoke emotional response not only from the audience but also the other characters.

Whedon has a track record of this. I *love* Firefly but *HATE* the movie Serenity because of the (IMO) needless deaths of Shephard Book and Wash. Two major characters from the television series that died for no real purpose other than to tick off the audience. Neither death really changed the focus of the movie and seemed to be more along the line of “I can so I will!” instead of actual plot developments.

He’s also done this with Buffy. Tara, anyone? A minor character with a great backstory and Willow’s girlfriend, breaking down *that* barrier and she gets killed by a wayward bullet.


Flash forward to the Avengers and Agent Phil (we’re gonna miss you!) Coulson. Here’s a guy who lucked into the BEST part-time acting job of all time – a few lines in Iron Man, a few in Thor and suddenly he’s got a job for life…

… or until Joss finished this script.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it was a gallant death, a macho death and all that. But was it needed?

I say “No”. I think having Coulson severely injured would have served the same purpose as having him killed. We know Fury doesn’t mind jerking emotions around – when Hill calls him on Coulson’s bloody near-mint Captain America trading cards he doesn’t flinch at the truth. So why would Coulson’s near-death be any more powerful than his actual death? Wouldn’t it be *more* powerful to have the Avengers assemble (yes, I went there) at Coulson’s hospital bed as he recovers and either vow there to take on Loki’s army or afterwards, telling him the job is done and all’s well?

I think Coulson’s death was another cheap trick, again, out of Whedon’s scriptwriting school of cheap emotional twists. Kill off someone that everyone loves and yank the audience’s emotions. Again. Yawn.

Coulson deserved better.

Just sayin’…


World’s Biggest Bookstore – and *me*!

While I was up in Canada last month visiting my sick mother I made a quick trip into Toronto and to my fav hangout – the World’s Biggest Bookstore. If you’ve never been there… well, you’ve missed out on one of the great wonders of the world. It’s a beautifully stocked monster bookstore with almost everything you can imagine. I spent many an hour there when I lived in Toronto browsing the shelves and just wallowing in all of the literary goodness.

And I saw this:

Now, I’d already been told by the wonderful Jessica Strider that she’d shelved some copies of both “Blaze of Glory” and “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” but I wasn’t prepared to actually SEE them on the shelves. Not to mention getting to sign them and watch the staff slap the “Autographed by Author” sticker on them. Again, my thanks to Jessica and the great staff for making an old broad’s day!

I can now die a happy woman. If nothing else I’ve managed to get on the shelves of my hometown dream bookstore. What’s better than that?

(Okay, more money would help. Did I mention I’ve finished and submitted the sequel to “Blood of the Pride”?)


Six Sentence Sunday! “Heroes Lost and Found”

In October I’ll be finishing off the “Blaze of Glory” trilogy with the last book, “Heroes Lost and Found”. It picks up right after the end of “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” and continues the fight between Jo and her team of superheroes and those who would control and destroy them.

I can’t wait for the cover art but we’ll have to live with this for now…


“But I don’t need to tell you that. You were there. You smelt the blood, you saw the deaths.”

I closed my eyes, thinking of New York City and of Mike.

The yelling, the screaming, the dying, the people running for their lives and for the first time ever not being able to count on the heroes to save them.

Because, well… we weren’t.



Usual warnings apply – this might change in editing but… probably not by much. And I’ve got the bestest editor EVAH, the great Sasha Knight who has ground all of my books from base coal into diamonds with a lot of sweat and tears.

Can’t wait for October!