Six Sentence Sunday – “Blaze of Glory” – and it’s FREE!

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Samhain Publishing has decided to make “Blaze of Glory” FREE for the next two weeks – with the last book in the trilogy coming out in October it’s a great time to get started on the superhero adventures of Jo and Hunter and find out what’s behind this fabulous cover!

So here’s the links:

And here’s the six sentences I hope will convince you to take a look!

For a second I saw a flash of my own press shot, smiling at the camera. “Many others are missing in action.”

I closed my eyes as the list went on and on. Some I knew, some I didn’t.

“Metal Mike, Davie Lyon…” The words punched me in the chest, stopping my breath.


I’m also happy to announce it’s going to be the topic of conversation at the Samhain Romance Book Club on Facebook!!/pages/Samhain-Romance-Book-Club/154453094690451

So drop on by and check out not only my work but the other great authors from Samhain!

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Six Sentence Sunday – “Blaze of Glory”

We’re coming up on our September surprise – and with the last book of the “Blaze of Glory” trilogy coming out in October I thought we’d head on back to the superhero world of Jo Tanis and Hunter Dillon!


A tall man moved out of the darkness, a knife waving back and forth in the dim moonlight. “Give me your wallet.”

I smiled, pulling together the power and concentrating it into the palms of my gloves. “Sure…” The thin hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I reveled in the familiar feeling. “Come on closer and I’ll toss it to you…”



Be sure to come on back at the start of September and see what’s up!

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Six Sentence Sunday! #sixsentencesunday

From Blood of the Pride, book 3 – scheduled for June 2013!


He took a deep draw on the cigarette, encouraging the orange and black char to continue up the death stick. “I know what you’re thinking. I’ve got plenty of financial resources at my disposal–why would I want to hire some second-rate hack who’s dating my son?”

I had an answer to that but bit it back for Bran’s sake.

Michael puffed out a smoke ring. “I need someone outside of my professional circle. It’s a delicate matter that requires discretion.”


Family… can’t live with ’em…


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Six Sentence Sunday!

From the sequel to “Blood of the Pride” – coming in 2013 from Carina Press!
A murdered stripper who was popular with the ladies. Ladies being Felis women who wouldn’t be happy about being questioned about visits to the club. Felis women being the nastiest, back-biting-est species on the planet when it came to claiming and keeping their territory and their secrets.
There was a reason why it was called cat fighting.
“Oh, and I have to add that my wife’s among the female suspects.”
I considered throwing the door open and jumping.



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Six Sentence Sunday! BoTP sequel!

Having just sold the sequel to “Blood of the Pride” to Carina Press means I get to tease a bit!

And who hasn’t had this conversation in bed when you own a cat…


I patted the elderly cat and sat up. “She’s an old gal. She gets to do what she wants.”

“Okay, but the first time she stomps on my ‘special bits’ I reserve the right to scream like a girl and ban her from the bed.”

I rolled my eyes as I swung my feet off the bed, leaving the sheet behind. “She’s not likely to hit such a small target.”


More Reb and Bran coming in 2013! Thanks for visiting!

Six Sentence Sunday! “The Project”

A few years ago I was lucky enough to sell a short story to GRIT Magazine – it was one of my first professional sales and I was thrilled, to say the least. I later put it up on Amazon with a homemade cover and right now it’s FREE for the taking…

The Project

Jeff McAllister’s wife, Jessie, loved her quilts and her computer. But now she’s gone, and Jeff has to figure out how to survive without her and how to deal with her online legacy. With the companionship of his faithful Golden Retriever, he begins the toughest project of his life, still grieving over his loss. This short story was originally published in the August 2005 issue of GRIT Magazine.


“Dear friends…” He paused, unsure how to start. She so loved this particular bulletin board; she had spent hours on it while he worked on yet another project in the shop. So many new ideas here; so many new friends, so many…

“Dear friends of Jessie – this is her husband, Jeff. I’m sorry to tell you that she passed away a week ago from a sudden heart attack.”


I hope you’ll come on over and grab a free copy while you can – have a great day and fantastic Six Sentence Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday! “Heroes Lost and Found”!

I just finished the edits for the last in the “Blaze of Glory” series and thought I’d toss a few sentences out! We’re trying to get the release date moved up from October… so you might see the last, best adventure of Jo Tanis and the Protectors before then!


I reached out and grabbed Rachael’s arm. A sharp tug backwards and sideways and she was with us, weeping as she leaned into my shoulder.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over,” she whimpered, her eyes closed.

I covered her face with my hand. I didn’t have any words left for what was about to happen, nothing to offer to make our exit memorable. All I could do was keep her from staring into her killer’s face and having that as her last memory.


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Six Sentence Sunday! “Blaze of Glory” – Superhero love!

While I’m waiting impatiently for the cover art for “Heroes Lost and Found”, the third in the series, I thought I’d head back to where it all began…


“You can tell May I had a heart attack. You’ll need her.”

My own heart ached.

I missed Mike, missed him more than I cared to admit. Hunter had slipped into that space, edged in next to Mike’s memory both as a friend and as a Guardian and, maybe, as a lover in the future. But I couldn’t risk the team and our mission for that.


Hope to have some new cover art for you soon! Keep on reading and keep on having fun!

Six Sentence Sunday! Steampunk!

It’s been a while since we visited my twisted version of the Old West with “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”…

I won’t bore you with all the details on what makes it different from our history but let’s just say that there are some constants that exist in all worlds with all people.


“Paid? You want to be paid?” The familiar voice startled the two mechanics. Sam spun around, still holding the device. The coarse paper sprawled over her hands, stretching almost to the ground as the exposed prosthetic gleamed in the light.

Victor Morton stood in the open doorway, a grim look on his face.


“Wild Cards and Iron Horses” is available in paperback and ebook at your favorite online bookstore!


Six Sentence Sunday! “Heroes Lost and Found”

In October I’ll be finishing off the “Blaze of Glory” trilogy with the last book, “Heroes Lost and Found”. It picks up right after the end of “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” and continues the fight between Jo and her team of superheroes and those who would control and destroy them.

I can’t wait for the cover art but we’ll have to live with this for now…


“But I don’t need to tell you that. You were there. You smelt the blood, you saw the deaths.”

I closed my eyes, thinking of New York City and of Mike.

The yelling, the screaming, the dying, the people running for their lives and for the first time ever not being able to count on the heroes to save them.

Because, well… we weren’t.



Usual warnings apply – this might change in editing but… probably not by much. And I’ve got the bestest editor EVAH, the great Sasha Knight who has ground all of my books from base coal into diamonds with a lot of sweat and tears.

Can’t wait for October!