there’s a wonderful interview with Alan Moore, mostly known for his faboo graphic novel Watchmen, here.

while it starts off talking about artists there’s a LOT of good advice here for writers and pretty well anyone who works in the creative arts – again, it all comes back down to doing what you love and if it makes you money that’s great… but if not then don’t try to rework yourself to fit into what you see as successful because in the end it doesn’t make it work.

meanwhile I’m about to finish off the third draft of “What God and Cats Know” and now it’s time to start working on the query letter and seeing if I can get a legitimate publisher this time. Been burned twice and getting very cynical about the entire industry because, as of late, it seems that the inmates are running the asylum and it’s more a case of who you know rather than what’s good making it onto the shelves. True, Terry Brooks said in one of his books that it’s all a matter of luck but I’d like to think that I’m a pretty lucky broad. 

and Lord… I’m dying for the Watchmen movie. And for Iron Man 2. 

and for more Middleman. Gotta get me one of those Jolly Fats Wehawken Temp Agency tshirts. Seriously.


drabbles of a broken finger…

first, the interesting stuff – purchased the audiobook of Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” this weekend to go with the paper copy – and if you haven’t heard/read/listened to this, you need to. As in, yesterday. It explains a lot of what’s going on out there in the world and globalization and how it all fits together in a historical sense. I learnt/am learning a lot listening/reading this and I’m sure you will as well. 

and yes, it’ll affect your life. It has mine when I think about it – I work and live on the ‘net along with millions of others, not to mention found the Wook online when online romances hadn’t really started and weren’t the norm as it is today. And it really knocks down a lot of misperceptions and out and out lies that we’ve been told about outsourcing and how the world works. Not to mention the author’s other books are faboo as well.

still struggling with the broken finger. It’s annoying, VERY annoying and will be probably for another month. And having the parental unit comment about how it may not be healing properly and straight and all that does wonder for one’s blood pressure, as you can imagine.

speaking of, and of course, I’m about to purge the house of junk food from same since she’s gone back home. Love her dearly, but whenever she comes to visit we all put on weight. And the Wii Fit is NOT happy at the moment, since I’ve only lost two pounds since we started this dance almost three months ago. I am feeling better physically, which is what I remind myself when the weight count comes up and I start scowling at the screen. Not to mention that right now my left leg seems to be way out of balance, which I’m putting down to the broken finger. I’m thinking of putting a weight on it when I do my step workout in order to make it work harder and thus put it back in gear… but I dunno. Anyone with any fitness expertise is welcome to put in their two cents and advise me on that. My balance is way off when I try to balance on the left and it’s embarassing.

received a few rejections on shorts over the past week; going to round them up and send them back out again this week. Note to all you aspiring writers – they won’t sell if you keep them on your hard drive! Take the rejection and send it back out ASAP! Unless it’s reached the point of no return with so many rejections that you KNOW it’s got something wrong with it, of course.

for you anime fans – it’s AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER week on Nick, finally!The week’s full of new eps and the big finale this weekend… so don’t miss it to find out what happens to Aang and the GAang!!!! 

the Wook’s loving the Middleman, on ABC Family – if you haven’t caught one ep of this quirky new series, you have to. Think of it as a family-friendly Torchwood, if you can. Really.

saw the Dr. Who finale this weekend with a friend up in Erie. Won’t spoil it for anyone, but is there ANYONE Captain Jack won’t try to shag? Seriously? I mean… he’s just so greedy!

and… that’s it. Finger’s sore and in the splint and errors galore are being typed and fixed. Still a Tony/Pepper fanatic and thinking of fanfiction, but there’s so much GOOD stuff out there…

over and out, good buddy!