Six Sentence Sunday!

Start off the New Year by heading into the past… or the future past, depending on how you look at it!

From “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” :


“I like women just fine, thank you very much. But I like them to know their place. Not right having them fixing things up, doing a man’s work.” His eyes narrowed as he stared at Jon. “Too much of a chance of them getting hurt. Killed.”



And a bit of trivia – the original title for this manuscript was “Spring Cleaning” but my most excellent editor, Sasha Knight at Samhain, asked for a new one.

At the time my husband and I were in the middle of a snowmageddon, having lost electrical power and having to abandon our house after three days to go to a hotel where I stalked the free internet waiting for news about this manuscript. Between trips back and forth to visit my poor cat and watch the house I came up with this new title – and I think it worked out pretty well!



Well, it’s been a pretty good two weeks of promotion since the book came out. I’ve had a few SL chats with people and some I know have gone on to buy the book itself. And there’s more to come in Second Life, which suits me just fine.

The oddity I’m finding in SL is that there are a *lot* of self-pubbed authors who really are slamming the promotion route in SL and probably in RL as well- and I’d be curious as to what their success rate is. I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to sell an ebook in SL due to the fact that most SL users are already pretty tech-savvy, so it’s not a near-impossible thing to sell an ebook.

But, again, every sale is a good sale.

Waiting for the first edits on "Blaze of Glory" and hearing back on "Spring Cleaning" – which makes it hard to start on a new project. I’m sort of burnt out right now as it is, so reading some light fluff and enjoying the breathing space is also on my mind, since I know that when BOG comes back in we’re going to be slamming it all the way to the finish line. And if SC sells, well…


I’m also the moderator of the NaNoWriMo subforum over at a new website, Virtual Writers’ Inc – it’s a writing group primarily in SL, but have a new site up and going. Drop on by and enjoy the conversation – you don’t have to be in Second Life to participate!

Hope everyone’s doing well surviving the winter weather and that we all have a faboo New Year!



Hitting the ground running for 2010…

Well, I hope everyone survived New Year’s Eve and is now racing into the next decade with a lot of hope and cheerfulness!


I’m hitting the ground running, as the title says. In two days, on January 4th, to be precise, "What God and Cats Know" is going to be released by Lyrical Press. It’s already up for pre-sale on Amazon, for you Kindle folks, and it’ll be available for almost every format under the sun, so you’ve got NO reason not to plunk down the cost of a good cuppa coffee and grab this for yourself!

I’ve just posted a second excerpt on my website – and the video goes LIVE on Monday, so keep an eye open for that!

AND this week I’m expecting the first round of edits for "Blaze of Glory" from Samhain –the webpage is already UP at Samhain, so that’s going to be a fun run to the finish on that one! It’s going to rock your socks if you like superheroes… and if you don’t, you’ll discover that you LOVE superheroes!

AND "Spring Cleaning" is IN for consideration at Samhain – hopefully they’ll take on this steampunk western romance and make my year a trifecta of fun… butwe’ll see on that, of course. Chicken, eggs, hatching and all that…


I am.


and I’m dragging you all along for the ride, so strap yourself in!


Good Grief!

Just got a publishing nibble on my steampunk western novel, “Spring Cleaning”. You know, the one I’m working through another draft of, since I tend to blitz through writing the book and then go back and put more flesh on dem dere bones. You know, the one I was working on before I go for the sequel to WGACK and probably BoG?

A friendly email, a sample, and a response.

Well, more than a nibble.

As in, how fast can I get it finished and in for final consideration. Like, early 2010?


2010 is going to be one busy year.

And… we’re out!

Well, I gave the Nano the best effort this year, but I came up against one of the blights of a writing life.

Eye strain.

The last few days I’ve had sharp pains and whatnot, traced back to the fact that I’ve been focusing WAY too much on the laptop screen. It gets better as I walk away and take longer breaks, but you know that’s not exactly what NaNoWriMo demands of you.

So, I graciously toss in the white towel, gingerly work on "Spring Cleaning" and rest me weary poppers. I’ve still got to go over the final galleys of "What God and Cats Know" when they arrive and that’ll take much more staring at the screen than I have the strength to do right now.

To all of you still going – GO! GO! GO!

Me? I’m just going to relax and edit away and wonder about how fricking OLD I’m getting…


Dem Bones…

Managed to finish the first draft of "Spring Cleaning" – it’s just the bare bones, thus my need to go back NOW and start putting flesh on. I’m one of those writers who underwrites the descriptions and such, getting the events and dialogue down first. It’ll need a lot more words to start looking presentable, but it’s a fine first draft, imo!

And… just signed up for a Samhain ad in RT for the June 2010 issue to promote "Blaze of Glory"! With a review as well!

Yes, you *do* have to think that far ahead when it comes to promotion and the like… but within limits. There’s no use pushing a book that’s not coming out for months and months because you’ll lose your edge and by the time it does release, it’s old news to those people tired of hearing you prattle on already.

I’ll be kicking up the promo for "What God and Cats Know" in the next few weeks as we head for a January release. Being an ebook, there’s no problem with worrying about shipments to bookstores, and studies seem to show that ebooks have a much longer life cycle than the paper version because it *is* always available!

Meanwhile, they’re closing the Borders stores around us. In a fit of stupidity, the nearest bookstore will be a good hour’s drive away.