Had a great time at the Pennwriters conference up here in Pittsburgh; did my moderator co-ordinator thang and ran around like a fool getting things done, but it was Good.

Good as in getting not one, but TWO surprise chances to pitch "Blaze of Glory" to agents that suddenly had a hole in their schedule. One requested the first three chapters and a synopsis; the other didn’t seem to "get" what I was talking about – but I put that down to my screwing up the delivery more than anything else. I have a knack for being able to get lucky when under panicky stress and then screwing up when I get a chance to prepare. Go figure.

Speakers were faboo, panels were faboo… especially the one by Susan Gable, who Knows Of What She Speaks and delivers good workshops. And don’t even ask about how mindblowing the food was at the hotel… urp…

So today is unpack, get said partial ready to be mailed off this weekend, get unpacked, get caught up on everything I didn’t do because of preparing for the conference, get unpacked… and getting my Second Life fix.

Totally sad.

But… fun!


bits and pieces…

well, we were *supposed* to get through the first 100 lines of "Song of Myself" at the Whitman gathering in SL last night.

we got through ten.


found the tiny community; though I’m still on the wall – I could easily become such a clothes horse (otter? weasel?) and spend $L like they’re going out of style…

and a week to go before the Pennwriters Conference. I’m still wrangling a few open spots on the panels/workshops for moderators, but it’s coming together rather well. Although I must admit that I’m going primarily to be sociable; not really to learn anything. Most of the workshops aren’t my genre (s) and many of them I’ve already gotten the speeches before. It’s a sort of sad thing when you realise that you’ve been around so long that you know of what they speak. Although some of the speakers are going to be interesting peeps, still…

but there will be cake.

and that’s all that’s really important.

Running up that wall…

Well, as usual – it’s either feast or famine…

let’s see – getting ready for NaNoWriMo and found a local contact – finding_marie  here is just over at California and just within striking distance for me to harass  encourage to get ‘er done for November!


yea, verily… kicking and screaming shall we BOTH get across the finish line.

add her to your prayer list.

heh, heh…

I’ve managed to map out almost all of "Blaze of Glory" (working title) using yWriter and found it to be a GREAT little program. Unfortunately it’s not available for Macs, but it’s a good free program for those of you looking to organize your ideas. I’m sure it’ll make this year’s novel a whole lot easier.

and, of course, I received a nice little freelance project from my RPG buddy so I’m working on that with a week left in the deadline. Halloween stuff, doncha know. And it PAYS!


Also managed to trip/fall/volunteer to gather moderators for the panels at the 2009 Pennwriters Conference – for those of you in the area who are looking for a good writers group, this is a VERY Good One. Excellent peeps, good seminars AND conferences and definitely worth the price of admission. And if anyone wants to join up and mod a panel or ten, well… I’d appreciate the help. Really. REALLY.

meanwhile, we managed to finally hit our first deer on the weekend. Or it hit us, depending on how you look at it. If we’d been going a bit slower it would have nailed me but thankfully it just dented the rear right panel around the gas tank. Nothing major, but as usual for this area it’s taking FOREVER for the garage to get back to us to schedule the body work.

That’s something I’ve noticed in this area – you can’t PAY people at all. We’ve been brawling with our "lawn service" for months to get them to come out on a regular schedule and they just don’t. It can take up a month of harassing phone calls to get them to show up and then they’re all blissfully unaware of the lack of business sense. Of course we’re dropping them next year but over the past decade it’s become obvious to me that somehow in my area of PA there’s a definite lack of urgency. Even when you want to PAY THEM, which makes me wonder who’s on the take or scamming what government agency when you can be so blase about blowing off work. And money. And then they look at you like you’re nuts for making a fuss about giving them money.

*shakes head*

Got on board in Second Life with the NaNoWriMo’s there and scheduled meetings for each Monday to check in, scream in frustration and encourage each other. Sure can’t hurt!

and… back to the Excedrin Migraine meds ’cause it’s a rainy day here and it’s fogging up me wee brain!