Welcome to 2011 Blatherings!

It’s been a while since I posted here and for that I should apologize – but, frankly, I’m one of those people that don’t really feel that posting nothing every day is a Good Thing. While there’s been things going on here and there I didn’t think it was worth wasting the bandwidth for bits and pieces that could be better combined into a decent fat post.

That’s me, saving the bandwidth.


Anyway, bits and pieces as follows…

2010 = buh-bye. Good bye gall bladder, herniated back disc and root canal on the 23rd of December. Thanks for “Blaze of Glory” and “Wild Cards and Iron Horses”! Had an excellent year writing and looking forward to a good 2011 although I can’t promise two books a year, thank you very much!

Interesting links:

Toad’s Corner reviews “Blaze of Glory” 
Disclaimer: Nerine edited “What God and Cats Know” for Lyrical Press, so she might be a bit biased. But I still love having her review! If you’re looking for a good review site with plenty of odd books from small presses, check her out.

The Romance Studio review of “Blaze of Glory”

Pretty self-explanatory – but it led to… THIS! Updates to follow but thrilled to be noticed!

Mrs. Giggles, one of the best-known blogger reviewers, chose “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” as one of her best for 2010!

and AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review also liked “Blaze of Glory”… although I think the reviewer thought the book was YA.

And, finally, the current issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews gives three out of five stars to “Blaze of Glory” – no online link up yet but if you see the Feb. issue on your local magazine rack, sneak a peak at page 85. I’m happy!

“Blaze of Glory” is also set for a paperback release of February – as in, less than a month from now. If you’ve been waiting to grab an actual paperback copy. drop on over to your local B&N and snag a copy – or order it off a website!

Amazon and B&N are taking pre-orders right now… right at your fingertips. How I love online shopping! It’s also up onBorders, but frankly you’ll save more on both the ebook version and the print on other sites. Sorry, Borders!

Let’s see…. my views of self-pubbing haven’t changed much, other than to remind me that there are always people ready to take advantage of others to make money. Self pub if you want, but be careful – there are a lot of self-proclaimed prophets and experts ready to take your money and not give you anything back. And the prophets saying that print is dead are definitely shooting smoke out their collective butts since I don’t see it happening within my lifetime. But that’s just me.

This year? Well, right now I’m working on the sequel to “Blaze of Glory” and a short story to sub to a Samhain anthology – but we’ll see where the tide takes us. A year ago I had no idea what was going on and I don’t like to make those sorts of predictions.


Anyway, that’s the blatherings from this old dragon – best of the new year to you all and hope to chat soon!


that’s me recovering from the past few days – but "Blaze of Glory" is DONE and off to the line editor! Should hear back in a few weeks about what needs to be done to do the final clean-up and then we’re OFF to the eprinters!


got to give props to my editor, Sasha Knight – she found some spots that were just a little too rough and forced me to bump it up to a higher level… and I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s a better book for it.


saw the prelim cover art.

*squeeing noises*

a few little changes and I’ll post it here as soon as it’s approved. Let me just say that it will definitely appeal to the comic book geek/fanboy/male demographic.

and anyone who loves seeing a kick-butt woman on the cover with a lot of attitude.


meanwhile, Fictionwise now has "What God and Cats Know" up and for sale! If you’ve been putting off getting a copy because you’re a Fictionwise buyer, then get thee hence! And for the rest of you, Fictionwise is a fine ebook site you should check out!



where’s my tea?

So… just having recovered from a two-day migraine (which I spent watching Castle eps on Hulu and hallucinating just fine, thank you, about Castle/Beckett ) it’s Tax Time Again!

Tomorrow we head over to our favorite H&R Block person, who has faithfully done our paperwork for most of the last decade. She’s a faboo tax expert and didn’t flinch when I started out our relationship with "I’m a freelance writer"… she just pulled out more computer forms and we started discussing what could be written off, etc.

I’ve just compiled my paperwork for 2009.


I think I’ve only actually *made* money once or twice since starting this entire thing, and that’s not from a lack of trying. The majority of my income, up to this point, has been from nonfiction articles on content sites that pay royalties. And heading out to conferences and keeping up on membership fees and the like definitely doesn’t even it out in the long run. 

However, I’m looking forward to a good year. I’ve got TWO books coming out with very good publishers, and I’m hoping to post a profit next year. Or at least not as much of a loss.

For those of you looking to quit and go write full-time – unless you’re Nora Roberts or Stephen King, don’t do it. Really. Even if you strike gold the first time out you’ll be sweating the entire year, hoping to at least break even. Most professional writers have full-time jobs; I’m just lucky enough to be a Kept Woman and darned proud of it. 

Having said that, I’ve been plugging "What God and Cats Know" in Second Life like crazy and hope that’ll translate into sales. Still waiting for the reviews to come in, but that’s okay – ebooks have a much longer lifespan than paper versions. 

And now I’m waiting for the second round of edits on "Blaze of Glory" and racing towards that ebook release in April, then the paper release early next year. It seems like it’s going to be quite a interesting year.

Or, as that ancient saying goes, "May you live in interesting times."

I iz.

Iz you?


Hitting the ground running for 2010…

Well, I hope everyone survived New Year’s Eve and is now racing into the next decade with a lot of hope and cheerfulness!


I’m hitting the ground running, as the title says. In two days, on January 4th, to be precise, "What God and Cats Know" is going to be released by Lyrical Press. It’s already up for pre-sale on Amazon, for you Kindle folks, and it’ll be available for almost every format under the sun, so you’ve got NO reason not to plunk down the cost of a good cuppa coffee and grab this for yourself!

I’ve just posted a second excerpt on my website – and the video goes LIVE on Monday, so keep an eye open for that!

AND this week I’m expecting the first round of edits for "Blaze of Glory" from Samhain –the webpage is already UP at Samhain, so that’s going to be a fun run to the finish on that one! It’s going to rock your socks if you like superheroes… and if you don’t, you’ll discover that you LOVE superheroes!

AND "Spring Cleaning" is IN for consideration at Samhain – hopefully they’ll take on this steampunk western romance and make my year a trifecta of fun… butwe’ll see on that, of course. Chicken, eggs, hatching and all that…


I am.


and I’m dragging you all along for the ride, so strap yourself in!


And we’re in the home stretch!!!

Well, the galleys are DONE for "What God and Cats Know"… now we’re just getting set up for the big release in January!!!


And… of course, as with all things, wee plot bunnies are running rampant in my mind about a sequel. Already. As if Reb and Bran can’t just settle down for a FEW minutes of peace and quiet.


Get ready for a wild few weeks as we get READY TO PARTY!!!

And, as usual, things work together sometimes for the better.

Just got the final galleys for "What God and Cats Know" – which means, after a full two days of NOT looking at anything for more than a few minutes, I can throw myself wholeheartedly into this final, FINAL reading of what I think is a darned good book!

Only SIX weeks to go until it releases from Lyrical Press!

and here’s another tasty tidbit you’ll ONLY find here!


The alleys were dark, dank and smelt like fresh urine. I ran down one, paused at an intersection then turned on my heel to charge down the other, feeling the hot breath of a Hunter.
Skidding around yet another corner, I lost my balance and slammed into the wall, hard. All I could do was flatten myself against it and hope my first strike would disable him, maybe even kill him.
The Hunter was on me before I could catch my breath, straddling me with little effort. I stared up into the feline face, trying to recognise it even while I strained to force myself to Change.
The mouth opened, the canines dripping with hot saliva. Arching his back, he screamed at the sky above us then dove down, aiming for my exposed neck.
I had nothing. Not even a whisper of extra strength, my weak human body nothing more than a shadow of what it could be. Lunging forward, I smashed my forehead into the feline face.
The tactic worked. Releasing my arms, he brought up both hands to cradle the injured nose, roaring his disapproval and pain.
Then I woke up.
He was still there.


Can you wait six weeks?


(well… you’re going to have to!)


Once more unto the breach…

‘Cause, you know, I’m insane.

I’ve decided to toss my hat into the NaNoWriMo ring yet against this year for a variety of reasons – first, and mostly, being that I have sold my 2007 and 2008 NaNo novels – "What God and Cats Know" and "Blaze of Glory" respectively, and thus I’m trapped in the horror that is a streak, and to quote Kevin Costner in Bull Durham (THE best baseball movie ever!)  "a player on a streak has to respect the streak".

Now, you think, she just said that she was working on a steampunk novel. Shall she put it aside and start anew? Can she?

I say, nay!

What I *am* going to do is clock my wordcount at midnight on the 31st (probably after partying in SL) and then ADD 50,000 to it so that I play fair. Sure, I could start a new novel but I don’t think I want to – and to be brutally honest, with only 20,000 words on "Spring Cleaning" done, I need something to force me to get it done and at a decent length.

So… November will be another silly month of dragging the laptop into the den and writing while watching and giving support in Second Life to all the other NaNo writers and hoping that lightning strikes a third time.

It’d be nice.