Game Review – Smash Up by AEG

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of games out on the market, all ready to take your cash for a few hours of fun. But it’s a rare game that keeps you coming back with a high replay value that ensures no game will ever be the same.

Smash Up! by AEG is one of those games.


This game is not only addictive but comes with so many choices that you will never, EVER get through them all. But let’s start at the beginning…

Smash Up is a simple card game where you choose two factions, shuffle them together, and use your deck to accumulate points on a variety of base cards. Match or go over the number set on the base card and it “pops”, giving you victory points for first, second and third place. The objective is to get to a certain number of victory points and win the game.

Simple, hmm?

And yet not so much… the factions you can “smash up” to create your deck run from pirates to steampunk, robots to giant ants, dinosaurs to robots, plants and zombies…

You get the idea.

SU2-Box SU3_BoxTop SU4_BoxTop SU6_Box_Top

There are a plethora of expansions out now, none so totally faboo as the Big Geeky Box which gives you plenty of space to store all the factions and the tokens. It’s sturdily built and is the best investment for your money if you want to get all the expansions. Which you will. Because this is an awesome game.


The beauty lies in the multitude of mixtures you can create. Ninjas and superspies? Sure! Plants and time travellers? Sure! Vampires and werewolves? Uh… yeah!

The game is easy to learn and a joy to play. It sets up in little space and is great for all ages to play with the expansions offering a bit more complexity for experienced players (Madness cards, I’m looking at you!)

If you’re looking for a great card game for all ages and all types of players take a look at Smash Up – you can find the starter box at most Barnes & Noble along with some expansions. There’s almost no end to the variety of decks you can create and it delivers a good amount of fun for a gaming evening.

(Plants/Zombies are a killer combo! Who would have thought?)



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