Thanks to this article here (courtesy of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and if you’re not reading their website, WHY AREN’T YOU?) I’m considering actually purchasing an ebook reader. Which is quite an accomplishment, since I said before that I wouldn’t consider one until they put out color images since I tend to enjoy the covers as much as the actual book itself.

But… these are tempting. Also to the Wookie, who is considering one just to put his RPG’s on for fast reference. Beats dragging either a laptop or the actual books around, really.

And… it’s not Amazon.

*puts up hand*

No, I’m not anti-Amazon. Far from it, we’ve used them to find good sales on books that are either nearly out-of-print or so rare (as in, old) that we haven’t got a hope in Hades of finding them elsewhere. But I’ve never felt comfortable considering the Kindle, for the same reason that I brought up when it first was released.

Not just the price. The wireless thang.

Recently there was a kerfluffle over the Amazon peeps deleting all copies of an Orwell book (yes, irony lives!) off of Kindles who had purchased the story. Seems that someone slipped a quick one past the Amazon geniuses and had uploaded an illegal copy, thus thwarting the Orwell estate that, you know, likes to get paid.

When Amazon found out, they refunded the money and deleted the copies. Way I see it, there was no way for them to win on this one – if they hadn’t deleted the illegal copies they’d be getting sued by the estate. Right now they’re "only" being sued by a student who lost all her notes on the story in question when the ebook was deleted. Again, can’t win for trying.

BUT… this points out one major reason why I find myself edging towards the Sony.

It’s NOT hooked to Amazon. I can download and upload stories from anywhere, any source.

Which means that NO ONE knows what I have on my ebook reader. I’m always astonished at the amount of spam I get from Amazon for items distantly connected to items I’ve ordered, and I’m not exactly comfortable with their database knowing every single ebook I’ve ordered. Because, then, I get more spam. And maybe, just maybe, I’m reading stuff that may not be mainstream or that I don’t want the busybodies at Amazon to know about. Maybe I’ve got some smut erotica romance that I don’t want them to know about. Do I really want to start getting emails for books I’m not interested in because I bought one copy of a Lauren Dane book? (READ her if you really want to push your frontiers, btw…)

I find it deliciously ironic that while people are screaming about libraries keeping copies of what books are checked out, they blissfully hand over their entire reading list to Amazon, without a concern, until something happens and suddenly it’s a shock to their system.

Sony is probably going to get my business for that reason, among others.

And darn it, they’re cute!



what I’ve been reading lately…

… and, as usual, I’m all over the spectrum and I darned well like it!

I think there’s nothing more boring than a person who stays within one genre and never sticks her/head outside to see what else is out there – take a risk and you just might find something new AND good!

so, without futher ado, what I’ve been reading lately… and liking!

Undercover by Lauren Dane