Getting some Nook-eh? And other ramblings… oh, another contest!

Well, I’ve decided to give in to my baser instincts and get myself a Nook. The Wookie is, to be precise, for my birthday since I’m supposedly so hard to buy for. *laughs*

The reason is pretty simple – I’m just too tired to keep reading ebooks off of the laptop screen and I must admit, I’m enticed by the idea of being able to use the Nook to read my fellow authors’ works along with the ebooks I have now, in a decent format.

Why I went with a Nook instead of a Sony or a Kindle? Well, the Sony, while much cheaper, seems to have much less support in the long run. The Kindle? I just can’t get excited about Amazon. Not to mention that I like the idea of playing with something before I buy it (insert joke here) and at least I can walk into any Barnes & Noble and see the product and use it. And they’ve updated the software twice since it first came out, which shows a committment to keeping the product fresh. I don’t know if Kindle is dong the same, but… and I don’t need a keyboard on the screen. The Nook *does* have one, which makes it work for me.

And, of course, I want a fancy cover. That’ll be next month. Check this baby out!


Next rambling – Anne Scott, one of the Samhain editors, is running her own contest for SF&F authors! And yes, “Blaze of Glory” is up for one of the giveaways! Check out her blog here and see what great stories Samhain has to offer!

Less than two weeks until “Blaze of Glory” hits the virtual stands!