Star Wars: The Force Awakens – not my Star Wars, but that’s okay.

Note: Spoilers for Star Wars: TFA, obviously!

The hubby and I finally got out yesterday to see TFA after delaying it for weeks due to two things – first, the crowds were just too much for us and second, our dislike of all things super-commercialized. When I see Ford truck commercials using the Star Wars theme… yeah, I feel a bit manipulated.

A wee bit of history – I saw Star Wars the first night it opened in Toronto, Canada. My mother took me and my sister because she thought it would be cool. This is the same woman who watched the original Star Trek with me on her knee, BTW. So she’s cool as well. I went on to see all of the sequels, obviously.

This movie… it was good but I won’t be seeing it a second time. I liked it, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my Star Wars.

And you know what? That’s okay!

Because this movie isn’t for a 51 yr. old woman. This movie is for all the kids in the audience who stood there and cheered on Rey as she kicked butt and took names, who rooted for Finn as he chose to take charge of his life and applauded Poe as he flew that X-Wing in ways we’d only imagined with our toys before.

Me… I wept when I saw Han and Leia. Because in my world, at the end of SW: ANH they went off, got married and had their Happy-Ever-After, helping Luke rebuild the Jedi Order and making the Galaxy a Better Place with the New Republic.

This emo-whiny son of theirs…. I admit, I laughed when he took his mask off. And I wanted to pinch his cute widdle cheeks and tell him to grow up when he whined at his father. And yes, I cried when Han died. And more when I saw Leia’s reaction.

But Rey was too perfect a heroine and while I love her, I would have liked to see more flaws in her character. I expected more actual screen time from Poe and how the heck did he get off Jakku in the first place? And Finn… well, he seemed a little too keen to kill his fellow Stormtroopers. And don’t get me started on the science…

…but that’s okay. Because this movie wasn’t for me or my generation. It’s for the kids, the wide-eyed eager little ones in the audience who are now waving lightsabers around and laughing like I did back then, jousting with my sister with cardboard tubes.

Best of luck to you, SW:TFA. You’re like the old high school boyfriend at the 25 yr. reunion – great to see you again, but you can’t go back to those good old feelings.

And that’s… okay.


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