October… my scariest month!

My husband loves October. He loves the horror movies; he loves the haunted houses and he adores the never-ending shows about ghost hunters.

I dislike October. I won’t say “hate”, because I think that’s a very strong word. And I really don’t hate the month.

Rather, I’m terrified.

It’s strange. I worked security for a time in a very busy hospital’s emergency room and saw my share of blood and gore. That doesn’t bother me and I helped a lot of people during those years.

However… one trailer for “The Walking Dead” and the hubby has to sleep with a cup because I’ll thrash myself awake out of a nightmare and probably clock him at least once.

Why? I don’t know… I’ve read “The Stand” by Stephen King—and all of his nonfiction books, which I recommend highly. “Dance Macabre” is a fascinating look into the horror genre and I liked reading it despite my avoidance of all things horror.

But October is when all the horror movies come out of the woodwork and fill the airwaves – especially the gory ones like “Hostel” and the Saw series.

Yeah… not a good month for me.

Strangely enough, there’s one movie that I can watch over and over – I just discovered it by chance, once again proving I tend to be a few years behind the times.

Cabin in the Woods” by Joss Whedon and starring our favorite Norse God, Chris Helmsworth, is a great take on the genre. Spoilers in the next paragraph, if you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen it and plan to…

Okay. Get this. *chuckles*

The movie starts off with a group of college students about to head out for a weekend in the woods at a friend’s cabin. Yeah, I know. *yawn*

But as they head out of town the familiar scenario gets a bit wonky – as they enter a tunnel to head over a deep chasm an eagle flies by… and into an invisible forcefield keeping one side of the pit secure from the other. Something’s up and you don’t know what’s going on until the shoe drops and you’re pulled inside a secret facility just below said cabin where the sacrifice is being prepared.

It seems that Old Ones are being held in check all over the earth by yearly sacrifices and the people in these underground facilities are the ones leading the kids to slaughter – other places are shown such as a smoking hole where the Madrid site used to be and Japan where a bunch of schoolkids are being terrorized by an evil spirit.

The employees, including a hysterical performance by Bradley Whitford, carry on as if they’re not actively assisting in the murder of five innocents – placing bets on the monster chosen to kill them and dealing with new interns learning the ropes.

Basically the sacrifices are allowed to choose the method of their own destruction and do so, aided by various nasty tricks such as temperature management and doping the air to allow them to make stupid decisions such as splitting up – really, who HASN’T screamed at the screen when you see the future victims do so? And, as usual, the murders start in a most gruesome method with each victim triggering a blood totem to placate the Old One underneath.

As the movie goes on you’re drawn into rooting for the students to survive despite that if they do live the earth dies – Japan, the one other facility still operating, has failed with the schoolgirls defeating the evil spirit and thus breaking one of the last seals on the Old Ones. Now it’s all or nothing for the Americans and failure is not considered an option, with the execution of almost all of the college students going well.

Except, of course, when it’s not.

I won’t totally spoil the movie for you but it does fill in the gaps of why so many horror tropes are exactly that and a bit of a swipe at a world where human sacrifice is not only demanded but also a normal way of life for some. The ending is perfect and I admit to watching it every time it comes on.

Why doesn’t this send me into nightmare city? I’m not sure – but I think part of it is that the horrors are manufactured and calculated with a wry sense of humor that only Joss Whedon can put in. If you haven’t seen it I do recommend it for a great night’s viewing.
As for the rest of October… I’ll be over here in the corner, cuddling with my Totoro doll and waiting for the calendar to roll over into November and the Christmas specials!

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