Do you.. haiku? And would you, could you?

I’ve always loved poetry, right back to when I had to memorize “Jabberwocky” and perform it for my Theater Arts class. And believe me, it’s a mouthful!

And getting poetry published is darned hard – I have managed to sell a few pieces here and there, but for the most part it’s been a rough go of it. But I do love haiku and if you’re looking for a wonderful way to get into poetry, may I suggest haiku?

Here’s one of the most famous ones, from Basho – translated from the original Japanese, so there is some difference between translations but you’ll get the idea..

The old pond;
A frog jumps in —
The sound of the water.

(Robert Aitken)

I think it’s an excellent example of what haiku is all about – you instantly imagine the pond, see the frog and create the sound in your mind – and it’s done!

Often I try to apply the same technique to my writing – I don’t have to describe every aspect of a room to fill the reader’s imagination – sometimes a few words, carefully placed, can deliver more than line upon line of description!

I sold this one to Scifaikufest Magazine in 2009:
History Lesson

painted faces glare
stabbing at empty spacesuits
our descendants scream.
And this one to NiteBlade Magazine the same year:


the inside
of my helmet
I dream of dry land.

If you’ve never read or consider writing poetry, why not take a look at haiku and see if it’s for you? It doesn’t take a long time to compose and can really clear your mind for a few minutes – I find it a great break from writing!

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