A wise man once said… (reblogged post from Chuck Wendig that has all the words!)

I’ve always loved Chuck W’s work – from his fiction to his writing craft books but just had to reblog and point people at this fabulous post on Star Wars and Canon… unfortunately he’s not on WP but we can, through the magic of technology, get to his post this way.

A little bit to whet your appetite! Then go, feast, and think!

(Me, I’ve got to get back to editing Game On – coming from SMP Swerve in 2016! )

See, Star Wars has always been more Tolkien than Marvel or DC. What I mean is this: the continuity of Star Wars has mostly remained a single, unbroken chain. Tolkien’s narrative storyworld is unified in the same way — whereas with the two major comic book houses, you get a massively fractured narrative. You get hundreds of chains, some broken, others soldered together, others still just random links floating in the void. The storyworlds of Star Wars and Middle-earth are histories beholden to isolated timelines; the storyworlds of DC and Marvel are shattered mirrors representing a variety of alternate dimensions or single-shot universes. Middle-earth has little variance in its historical thrust — no alternate histories. And, up until recently, that was somewhat true of Star Wars, too. (I say “somewhat” because how exactly do you classify the video games? The comics? The “Droids” cartoon? LUMPY AND ITCHY AND LIFE DAY?

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