Sound Mind, Sound… what?

If you’ve read my blog more than once you might have noticed my love of board games. I’ll admit it, it wasn’t until I got married and discovered the Origins Game Fair that I really fell in love with them; my hubby a willing accomplice in the deal.

100_0182But why board games, you might ask? Why not video games?

Well… I do play those as well. I’ve run in the shadows in the recent release of Shadowrun: Hong Kong and I was a wild member of Team Banzai back in the days of MechWarrior 4 and 5 online, charging around in my wee light mech and blowing up my enemies with a scream and a curse.

But now I tend to enjoy board games with the hubby and thrill to go to Columbus every year where I not only get to get my gamer side on but also participate as a member of the Library – the Origins group of authors that produce a yearly anthology and have a table in the Dealers’ Room as well as participate on various panels about writing.

As a writer I think it’s vitally important for me to rest my mind – my body gets enough rest sitting on the sofa, believe me. And while I still enjoy some online gaming and am, as far as I know, the only clockwork dragon in Second Life toddling around, the appeal of board games call me away most evenings.

It’s also a fabulous way to turn my creativity upside down and backwards. A night trying to capture Jack the Ripper (Letters from WhiteChapel) or to beat one of the Old Ones before he (it?) takes over the world (Elder Sign) or maybe trying to build an empire (7 Wonders, Five Tribes, Kingdom Builder) can really recharge the old mental batteries.


So if you’re looking for a way to swing your mind around like a roller coaster ride, why not check out board games? There’s a lot more out there than just Monopoly and Risk, although those are great places to start!

(And… you won’t get frustrated by your computer freaking out over the graphics or spend time searching for cheat codes/hating those who do!)

Coming October 20th, 2016

Strictly Business

StrictlyBusiness72lgYou can lead a Domme to love…but you can’t make her fall.

Hooded Pleasures, Book 1

Kate Dubois is a Domme-for-hire for the highly exclusive Hooded Pleasures, a service offering private BDSM sessions to those who can’t—or won’t—risk appearing in an actual club.

Lately, though, she wonders if professional burnout is causing her to have painful flashbacks to a past heartbreak. When her boss insists her next client will be a breath of fresh air, Kate reluctantly agrees to an interview.

Alex Hanson dominates the world of computer game programming, but secretly he suspects he might be a sub in the bedroom. There’s only one good way to find out—hire a professional to show him the ropes.

Their first meeting puts both of them to the test—Alex’s self-control, and Kate’s realization she might just like him a little too much. But there’s no denying their emotions are inextricably entangled…a dangerous step Kate’s not sure her heart is prepared to take.
Warning: Contains a hard-core computer geek with a tender side, and a Domme who can’t afford to expose her greatest weakness—him. Geekery combined with flogging. Enjoy!

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Strictly Business by Sheryl Nantus

Strictly Business

by Sheryl Nantus

Giveaway ends October 14, 2015.

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