Game Review – Exploding Kittens!

photo-originalThe title says it all…. the hubby and I got in on the Kickstarter for this fast-paced card game – in fact, it was THE most successful KS campaign for a card game, generating a ton of cash and of support.

And why not? After all, it’s got kitties…

… exploding kitties!!!

But there’s actually a game here… and a strategy, if you want to win!

First, the gameplay – it’s a very simple set-up that reminds me of Three Cheers for Master, which I reviewed earlier – you each get one Defuse card and four other cards out of the deck. The deck is set up depending on the number of players, which dictate how many Defuse cards get shuffled into the deck and how many Exploding Kittens cards as well. The more players, the more special cards get shuffled in; scaling the game up and down for those who can go from playing with the hubby to having a table full of buddies.

exploding-kittens1The turns are deceptively simple – play any and all cards that you want from your hand until you decide to stop and draw a card, signaling the end of your turn. Pairs of alike cards and triples allow you to steal cards from your opponents, some you get to choose and some you don’t. Special cards allow you to shuffle the deck, declare NOPE to another player’s attempt to steal your cards or perform some other action, let you skip your turn or force your opponent to take two turns in a row.

Obviously the more turns you take the more likely it is that you’ll pull the Exploding Kitten card – and the only way to not immediately lose the game is to use a Defuse card, which allows you to place the card back into the deck. Note here I said “place”, not shuffle. This is important. It’s very possible you might be able to force your opponent to pick the card right back up on the next turn.

exploding-kittens-5When I played with the hubby, I had a plan.

It was a good plan. Hold onto the Shuffles, Skip turns and Attacks to make sure I wasn’t going to end up getting the Exploding Kitten at the end of the game.

Yeah. It was a plan.

ANYWAY, the hubby beat me two games in a row. He was all grins and smirks until I reminded him that I hate to lose.

Punishment to be determined later.

o-EXPLODING-KITTENS-CARD-GAME-KICKSTARTER-facebookANYWAY, I recommend Exploding Kittens if you love a fast, fun game. There’s two versions, one safe for public consumption and one NSFW – well worth adding to your game shelf and guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment with great artwork and cute text.



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