Game Review – Bring Out Yer Dead by Upper Deck Games

pic2265983_mdI had a wonderful time at the Origins Game Fair (we’ve been going for over a decade!) and found some faboo games – some of which I’ll be reviewing here over the next few weeks and months when I’m not prattling on about writing and my own books.

Hey, you can’t say that my blog is boring!

Anyway – let’s start off with a brand new game out of the blocks – Bring Out Yer Dead by Upper Deck.

First a lovely disclaimer – I was lucky enough to play this at Origins and not only got to see how it worked but won a copy! Yes, if you went to the Upper Deck area and got in a game with four other players the winner not only won the game but also won the game!

So my thanks to Upper Deck for allowing me to take a copy home with me… and I can tell you this is a fun game you’ll want to add to your shelves as soon as possible!

pic2245393_mdThe concept is pretty simple – you’re the head of the family and responsible for laying your relatives to rest – except the graveyard is getting pretty full, prime real estate isn’t to be had unless you’re fast and sneaky and if you don’t watch out you’re going to have coffins floating down the river!

Yep. That.

Each turn you and your opponents will get to place coffins in the graveyard, taking up spaces that generate points. There’s the obvious strategy of snagging the most expensive spaces first out of the gate but there’s other things to watch – for example, every turn you get a new “cart” into which you must place your coffins. But when it’s full, it’s FULL and you may end up dumping the rest of your coffins into the river. So when you choose your three cards to play each turn you’ll be keeping that in mind.

BOYD-cards boyd_gameboard_23

Gameplay is fast and fun – one player turns over the card depicting the size of the cart and which side of the graveyard is going to be used that turn and then everyone chooses three cards from their hand to play. It goes from highest number down to the lowest with the high numbers getting to place their coffins into the cart first. If you play low numbers you might not get your coffins in at all… But you can also get Fate and Treasure cards that will affect where you place your coffins – you might end up switching coffins with another player, placing your dear dead relatives in a better spot while tossing his coffin to a lower point site. Or you could end up with treasure from plundering the graves!

Point scoring is through a variety of ways from grabbing simple straight high-point coffin spots to ruling the majority of a lot to graverobbing – leaving plenty of ways to win or lose!

This game is great for everyone in the family with fast, entertaining turns and a whole lot of fun – while strategy is obviously a big part of the game there’s no guaranteed way to win. In my own game I went from having zero points to winning at the end when we counted up the points because I not only had my coffins in good grave sites worth ten points but I also had the majority of coffins in certain areas and despite losing points for having some in the river managed to win.

I highly recommend Bring Out Yer Dead if you’re looking for a good fun game with plenty of morbid, macabre humor. It scales down to two players and up to five without any issues and I daresay will be snatching awards in the next year – be sure to get your copy now!


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