How I stopping worrying and learned to love NASCAR

nas-1Right off the top I’ll admit it – I know nothing about cars. To me they’re all boxes with four wheels that go WHEE! along the road and that’s it. I’m a careful driver, a nervous driver who is more likely to stay in the slow lane for fifty miles than tempt fate by passing a tractor-trailer. So when I discovered that I liked NASCAR I wondered exactly how and why.

Then it hit me.

NASCAR is the best novel ever.

Follow me, if you will, down the warped roads of this old writer’s mind.

NASCAR isn’t about the racing. Let’s face it – it’s “turn left, turn left, turn left and repeat” over and over again. The safety factors are such that (thankfully!) crashes are much less dangerous than they used to be and TPTB are constantly trying to keep the drivers and their crews safe from harm.

It’s the drama.

Oh, Lordy… the drama!


Who’s the bad guy this season? Brad Keselowski? Is he going to get into fisticuffs with Jeff Gordon again? With Gordon retiring this year who’s going to take over the Grand Old Man position?

Danica-Patrick-Ricky-Stenhouse-Jr.-are-datingRomance? I give you Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – sweet lovebirds who don’t mind brawling on the track and smooching in the trailers. And Danica? A woman kicking butt in a man’s world? This was MADE for the bookshelves, people!

New young kids kicking butt and taking names, coming up the ranks and threatening the status quo. Brawls on and off the track, angry words tossed around in the post-game interviews.

It’s not about the racing, folks.. at least not for me.

It’s all about the drama.

So I’m going to be watching it this year more than ever, following the stories and enjoying the tension.

And hoping my girl Danica grabs the checkered flag!

So if you’ve ever thought about checking out NASCAR… maybe it’s not about the racing.



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