Games and the People who Love them…

… or, what do I do with all these games?

Over the years we’ve picked up quite a few games and as any gamer knows there’s no perfect way to store your games to allow you easy access and keep them organized.

We’ve had shelving units in the spare room but it wasn’t enough. So over the holidays the hubby picked up another set and the big move began – first all the games had to come out into the living room…


And then the shelves were built and the room re-stocked…


These units came from Target – their Room Essentials line for anyone looking for a good solid set of shelves that can stand up to a bit of weight – they’re metal, easily assembled, and the shelf height is adjustable. We tripped across them a few years ago and highly recommend them to any gamers looking for some new shelves – they look nice, are easy to built and fit into small rooms and the ability to set your own height on the shelves (and change afterwards!) makes it easy to see what we have in our collection and makes room for more…

And yes, we have a LOT of games. I’ll post the pics of hubby’s dice collection in the future so you can see what crazy old gamers look like…


If there’s any games in our collection you’d like to see a review on, drop me a line! I plan to keep posting my thoughts on the various games we’ve grabbed over the years, old and new… and yes, we DO find a lot of them on Kickstarter!

And for those of you going to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio this June… I *am* confirmed as an author guest and will have my usual table in the Library in the Dealers Room. I’ll be there with my books as well as participating on some writing panels and, of course, GAMING!

Happy New Year everyone!


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