You Can Be in Publishing AND Be an Introvert

Excellent advice!!!

The Plotless

Being an introvert is hard. It’s harder to go grocery shopping, go to the dentist, go to school, go get gas in your car (for those of you who are from Oregon), and do anything else that involves interacting with people.

Unfortunately, most times in life, things don’t just fall into our laps. We have to make them happen. Sometimes making things happen seems so overwhelming, we think we’d rather dig our own graves instead. But I want to talk about how you can make things happen in a way that might not exactly be 100% comfortable, but at least doable. You can be in publishing and be an introvert (and if you’re an extrovert looking for ways to get more involved in the business, these should help you too).

  1. The internet is your friend. Right now it’s National Novel Writing Month. Get on the Nano site and chat…

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