Game Review – Qwirkle by MindWare

Every once in a while you trip across a game that seems simple… but it really isn’t once you start playing. A game that sucks you in and the second you finish playing you’re ready to set up for another round.

Qwirkle from MindWare is one of those games.


First you can find this game almost everywhere – from your local Barnes & Noble to Walmart to game stores which makes it highly accessible to the public. I’m always annoyed when I see a great game I’d love to try and discover it’s only available through a single website or not in wide circulation. I know stores can’t stock EVERY game but it’s nice to see something you can recommend to friends and know they can pick up the game without jumping through hoops.

So… Qwirkle!

First, I LOVE the wooden tiles. The game comes with a lovely canvas sack to hold the tiles and the feel and texture makes up part of the enjoyment. I’ve got nothing against plastic but there’s something about the feel of wood…

The gameplay is simple – you pick out seven tiles from the bag and look at the symbols. Then you match either symbol to symbol (Star, Diamond, etc.) or color to color.

Simple, right?

Ah, but hold on! If you manage to put seven tiles together either by matching color or symbol you get EXTRA points! And if you squeeze a tile into the right spot you can get double points by filling out TWO Qwirkles!

Which is what makes this game so insanely addictive. It’s easy enough to put two, three tiles together matching up green or red or yellow or diamonds or clovers or circles… but to do that and fill out the set? Or better yet, screw up the line so that your opponent can’t do it? Priceless!

This game is great for the wee ones who will enjoy the wooden tiles and the fun of pulling tiles from the bag and placing them down. There are expansions available and I just discovered a 3-D version on Walmart claiming to use blocks… and that’s a Christmas present, I think!

Qwirkle is a great game if you’ve got an hour to kill and don’t want to get into a complex game with a long set-up time and complicated play – quick and fast you can start playing within a few minutes and all you need is a flat surface to lay the tiles out on. Can’t ask much more!

The tiles themselves are sturdy and well-painted, high quality wood that feels lovely to the touch. The canvas bag is a nice touch and you can toss this in your suitcase or duffle bag for a great travel game. Add in that the gameplay takes only a few minutes to explain and you’ve got a winner!

The game has won plenty of awards and I can see why – it’s addictive and fun and easily accessible to all ages. From kids to adults Qwirkle delivers on the fun front and I recommend it – and you can grab a copy on the way home if you slide into your local store!

Highly recommended for a Great Christmas Present!


One thought on “Game Review – Qwirkle by MindWare

  1. Sheryl, great review! I agree with you! (but a Qwirkle consists of 6 tiles, not 7. Have you tried CHOICE WORDS? another MindWare game. New on the market in 2015. Read an interview about the game at

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