Mastering Your Impulses with Sara Brookes

Literary Lagniappe

One of the most awesome things about writing futuristic and sci-fi is getting to use my imagination to create the most unique gadgets. For my contemporary series, I have to keep things grounded for the most part. Sure I can expand on technology that already exists, beef it up a bit (because this is fiction, after all), but since it’s a contemporary setting, I usually stay within a set of “reality” rules. However, when I venture into the world of SFF, anything is possible!

Most of the “gadgets” on my fictional planet of Sypricon are sexual in nature. They are biometric sex toys, if you will, that sync with the wearer to heighten their sexual experience. Collars, floggers, whips, chains, ropes, etc you name it and it contains the “impulse” technology. We’re not lucky enough to have anything like that here on our planet, but that hasn’t stopped some people…

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