Essen Preview-Onitama

I’m looking forward to getting this game for me and the hubby – it looks great, portable and a lovely fast game! Can’t wait for it to come up for sale!

The Opinionated Gamers

Onitama will be seeing a general release this year at Essen. This my first impression of this great little game.

First off, I am a fan of abstracts, particularly abstracts that can be played in under 15 minutes. Onitama is definitely an abstract, but like Let’s Catch the Lion, I think it’s short enough and simple enough to have a broader appeal. It is pure, other than a random set up it’s a perfect information game.

The game is won by either capturing your opponent’s Onmyo (think king) or by moving your Onmyo to your opponent’s home square. Each player has 4 pawns to assist in this.

The game has variable setup. Basically movement of your pieces are determined by 5 cards that are randomly chosen (out of 15) at the beginning of the game. Each card is named after an animal with an associated movement. Some cards have…

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