It’s Murder … in Space. THE FREEZER by Timothy S. Johnston

Contact – Infinite Futures

Why Set a Murder Mystery on Europa?  or … What Really is the Most Dangerous Life-Form in the Solar System?

TSJ 2013 Timothy S. Johnston

In The Furnace, my claustrophobic murder mystery that took place at a power-generating station in close orbit around the sun, I forced protagonist Kyle Tanner into a brutal situation, basically a descent into hell. Trapped on a station with one or more killers, along with an amplifying threat of an unknown nature, he had to decipher a scientific mystery within hours in order to not only save himself, but to protect the human race from extinction. The reason I chose the sun was no fluke. You see, I wanted the growing heat of the environment to create a mood and atmosphere unsettling to the characters. It’s why Spike Lee set Do the Right Thingduring a heat wave in Brooklyn. That facade behind which people hide…

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