Catching up…

It’s been a busy month and I’ve got bits and pieces to share – first, thanks to all who entered the Goodreads giveaway for print copies of “Blood of the Pride”! Five winners were chosen randomly through the Goodreads website and copies were sent out – I hope those of you who won will enjoy the book!

And in connection with that I’m pleased to announce that Harlequin has decided to pick up “Claws Bared” and “Family Pride”, books 2 and 3 in the series, for DTC as well! This means that in November and December 2012 if you’re a DTC subscriber you’ll be getting print copies – making three out of the four books available in print.

(if you’re a Paperback Swap member – I’ve already seen “Blood” up for trade on the website – scamper on over and grab it if you’d like!)

“Family Pride” is also going to be out in audiobook form on, making the first three books also available in audio form. With the Wookie going through the “In Death” like gangbusters in audiobook form I can only hope these books will help relieve the stress of long-distance driving for some of you.

I’ve just finished another round of dev edits on the last book (so far!) in Rebecca’s story – title TBA but it’s due out in October this year.

Now I’m hard at work on another book, something a wee bit different from the usual. News to follow but I’m really excited to be doing something new.

So.. that’s it from here. Sorry for the delay in posting but please drop by Paranormal Romantics (points to right side of screen) and the other great blogs I’m posting on and check out some great authors!


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