Orson Scott Card and me…

There’s been a kerfluffle lately about Orson Scott Card being hired by DC to write a new Superman comic – In a nutshell, Card’s an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and people really aren’t happy about him doing pretty well anything, much less lending his voice to one of the great American icons. I suspect it’s probably because they’re afraid he’ll portray Superman as anti-gay, or at least intolerant of others. (like this comic here!)

Me… I’m sort of betwix and between. While I respect the fact that people are going to have opposing opinions on things that, to me, would seem darned simple, they have the right to be wrong. It’s part of that whole freedom thang…

But… I’m also leery of the warning it presents – that as an author I must be constantly aware of what I say and do in public because it CAN come back to bite me. That’s one of the reasons you really don’t find much of my personal life in these posts or the ones on other blogs or on my Facebook page – I really don’t want to put out too much of my life in case people disagree with my views and my stories become overshadowed by my personal beliefs.

Take Card, for example. I can’t re-read Ender’s Game now without knowing where he’s coming from and wondering if I’m missing some subtle subtext in here against homosexuality. Or if the money I paid for the book is going to fund some anti-gay marriage group. In the end it’s easier just to NOT buy the book than to worry about it.

I’d like to think that one’s literary works should supercede their personal lives. I don’t need to know about J.D. Robb’s life outside of her writing and I don’t need to know who’s zooming who at the Hugo Awards. What I want is my stories to be enjoyed (hopefully) for what they are, not because I’m Catholic (extremely lapsed) or Canadian (10+yrs in the US, however) or married.

So… I’m not sure what to make of this Card thang. I can see both sides but I still don’t know what the right decision is. I *do* know that it’s a reminder to keep a close eye on what I put out there about me because I don’t want my works to be judged by my values or lack thereof.

Time for tea.


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