#NaNoWriMo- the end!

Well, it’s the end of what’s been a wild month for many writers who threw themselves into the thirty-day insanity known as NaNoWriMo. And if you finished it… congrats!

And if you didn’t…


I know, I know – maybe you didn’t finish in time. Maybe Thanksgiving and Black Friday totally derailed your attempts, turkey coma and great sales dragging you away from your writing routine and making it impossible to finish.

That’s okay.

The important thing now is that you NOT STOP WRITING, whether you’ve “won” or not. 50K isn’t anywhere near the size of a full novel for most genres so just because you bashed out the right number of words doesn’t mean you’re done with the book. Now there’s the rewriting and editing, the quiet time judging each scene and deciding whether to keep on your current path or not.

But don’t stop. Whether you pursue publication or not, whether you decide to take advantage of the many offers to self-publish your work for family and friends, don’t stop writing. You’ve established a routine and you now KNOW what you can do.

So keep on doing it.



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