Games! (while I procrastinate…)

While I’m hacking away at the fourth book in the Blood of the Pride series, tentatively titled Love, Claws and Outlaws, I thought I’d babble a bit about some fine board games the hubby and I have been enjoying.

One of the problems when there’s only two players is finding a game which is balanced for two. Anyone who’s ever played Monopoly knows that while it might be marked for two players… it’s not really set up for that.

The Lord of the Rings, The Card Game is something we picked up a while ago but just got around to unpacking and trying to figure out. It’s actually a faboo game where you and your teammates actually co-operate to fulfill the goals, making it a wee bit different than trying to beat each other. Not only are there videos up on YouTube to help you figure out how to play — there’s also a LOT of expansions available if and when you get tired of the original quests in the box set. We’re just starting to feel our way through this but it’s nice to have a game where we work together to beat the bad guy instead of one of us being the bad guy.

Not that being the bad guy is all that bad at times – I know I ranted about Memoir ’44 before but it bears repeating – if you’re looking for a WW2 board game that can be laid out and played within an hour, this is the one for you. I’ve always been leery of war games because of the depth of the rules on some games and choking on tiny tokens but this board game won me over. It’s got a LOT of expansions for the Russian Front, etc. and the rules are short, sweet and crisp enough that you can even get pre-teens into it. If you know someone who’s looking for a war board game I highly recommend this for the Christmas tree — it’s worth it.

And, of course…


To be more accurate, Zombie Dice!

If you’re looking for a fast, portable dice game this might be for you. It’s funny and you get to eat brains — what more could you want? There’s one expansion out which adds Santa Claus (really!), the Hunk and the Hottie to let you play out the great horror classics… well, okay. Maybe not so classic but fun, eh?

We keep hunting for fun board games so I’ll keep you updated if we trip over something else that might be great for Christmas presents and/or just plain old buying it for yourself.

Anyway, I’m off to throw more stones at Rebecca and Brandon and get ready for the release of the LAST book in the Blaze of Glory trilogy in October – later!



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