DC Comics -You don’t get it…

I woke up this morning to find this in my news – seems that DC Comics has decided to dump Lois Lane from Superman’s life and pair him up with Wonder Woman because, doncha know, it’s just the Right Thing To Do.

Again I find myself weeping at the total lack of intelligence among the men who run DC.

Let me explain it for these man-boys in simple terms so they can get it – while their attempts to get more female customers keep crashing and failing.

First – they destroyed the marriage between Superman and Lois Lane because it was just too hard to write a happy married couple. Yeah, right. Too hard to show people in domestic bliss. Because there’s no examples in real life of this ever happening – and anyone who’s ever BEEN in a happy marriage can tell you that it’s not all roses and fine dining.

Now they’re tossing Lois Lane to the side because, well… I guess she’s just boring. Being human and all.

News flash – that’s what brought women readers TO your comic. Lois Lane personified the tough go-get-‘er-done gal who managed to balance work and her love for a certain clumsy reporter, something many women can relate to. We see ourselves in Lois’s trying to love a man who is definitely impossible to read at times, being an alien and all that. We love the idea of having a strong, tough man who could have ANY woman in the universe but settles for a woman reporter who keeps getting into danger trying to do the right thing and tell the truth – even if it might kill her.

THAT is why we need Lois Lane to be with Superman.

Nothing against Diana – she’s a great gal but, as usual, DC Comics seems to be made up of fanboys all still living in their parents’ basement and drawing their fantasy women when they’re not playing video games.

Between this and the Starfire debacle it’s no wonder that DC is losing readers. Especially women.

I love to read comics. I’ve loved to read comics since I was a few years old and learning how to read by lying on the floor with the Sunday comics and spelling out words. But once again I feel there’s no place in this brand new fanboy world for women looking for something to buy and enjoy.

DC – you done us wrong. Again.



4 thoughts on “DC Comics -You don’t get it…

  1. This is why I can’t read any new Superman stories, DC no longer understand the characters, and hasn’t in quite some time. At least we have Smallville.

  2. Who cares about Lois? Old news. And DC being worried about losing the insignificant female audience is like the Shades of Grey author being worried about losing male fans. Pay attention ladies…YOU….DON’T….MATTER. Now go back to chest thumping and wailing your cries of misogyny to the heavens. Lee and DiDio have bigger fish to fry, a company to run and millions of dollars to spend. You have a….blog. That’s nice too.

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