Can’t we all just get along?

So I wander online today after a very busy Saturday of going to the hubby’s high school reunion and then seeing a friend from California who’s visiting for a few days and come back to find yet another example of an author freaking out because someone dissed self-publishing. No, I’m not going to go into names – you can find it if you want.

My beef isn’t so much with the original author who said in an interview that she disliked self-publishing but the reaction after it. She gave her opinion and was immediately attacked by all and sundry spouting the usual self-pub support mantras – and while good points were made I think a lot of it got lost in the usual “Well, YOU’VE made it so YOU don’t understand!” back and forth.

I think the situation’s gotten to the point where no author should EVER answer a question about self-publishing because of the rabid supporters on both sides of the fence. Say you support it and you get slagged on one side, say you don’t and you get slagged by the other.

And… it’s just tacky. Authors hating on authors… really? Don’t we have enough worries in this world that we have to attack each other?

We have to worry about writing, editing, promotion, marketing, submissions, agents, all the social media, finances (including paying your taxes and royalty payments), rejections, ratings, reviews, fan mail… do we really have the time and energy to start badmouthing other authors for the choices they’ve made?

I don’t.

Monday I start on a new book. I’ll crash through the first draft (the fourth book in the “Blood of The Pride” series, fyi) and then work on making it the best book it can be.

Meanwhile I’m prepping for the release of “Heroes Lost and Found”, the last in the Blaze of Glory trilogy in October and a surprise! in September.

In the middle of all that I’m waiting for copy edits on “Claws Bared”, BoTP #2 and to hear back on “Family Tails”, BoTP#3 now on submission.

I don’t have TIME to be dissing and hating.

Shouldn’t everyone be this busy?


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