When customer service… isn’t.

Today’s rant does actually have to do with publishing – but you’ll have to sit through a bit to get there…

Two weeks ago our desktop computer gave up the ghost – to be precise, the power supply did a wonderful little “poof!” with spark and smoke. We took it to Best Buy to have another one installed because, well, we need the desktop.

First our Geek Squad guy, who I’ll call PonyTail for the rest of this rant, is as slow as molasses. In Canada. In December. He logs it in and takes the better part of an hour to agree with my hubby that, yes, it needs a new power supply. Then the search for one off the shelves commences and we leave the black box on Friday evening with the promise that they will call when it’s ready.

Email arrives on Saturday while we’re out. Including email announcing that it’s ready. Hubby goes to pick it up…

… not ready. Explanation is that the system “accidentally” sent out emails. Okay.

Flip to Monday night. Another phone call, another email. We go and yes… the machine is ready!


Hubby looks at that and asks what happened. PonyTail shrugs and says…

“It won’t affect how the machine runs.”

Eyeboggling commences as we also needed a new video card, not discovered until we tried to check the machine out at the Geek Squad (misnomer if ever I heard one now) and error messages galore.

We finally got our new graffiti machine back and working but I can’t recommend Best Buy for customer service anymore. Letters are being written but I doubt anything will get done.

Second – Barnes and Noble.

Back in May we placed an order for multiple books – one of which had the release date bumped. No problem – we get the other books and wait. And wait. And wait past the release date.

Skip ahead to today. I’ve spoken to the online chat help TWICE and sent one email asking where this book is. All of them agree that it’s there, it’s available and will be shipped to us pronto. Three weeks ago. We’re probably going to have to cancel the order and re-order the book.

Tonight we accidentally ordered a duplicate of one of our books. No problem, thinks I – it’s only been a few minutes and we can cancel the order – right?


Within the hour I’m contacting the online service again with a heavy heart. Why, they’ll try to cancel the order – but it’s really fast donchaknow to be filled.

So an order we’ve been waiting for since May goes unfilled. And a mistake can’t be corrected within the hour even with CS on the job.

B&N unhappy customer here.

Now that you’ve stuck with me this far… publishing?

Writing, to me, is all about giving you, the consumer, what you want. I write the stories and you hopefully like them.

Which is why my head exploded when I saw/read about how some self-published authors are rewriting their stories based on reader feedback. Or, worse, using their readers as betas and correcting their stories over and over again when the complaints roll in.

No. No, no, and DAMNED no.

As an author I think it’s my job to deliver the best story that I can. If that means paying editors to check through multiple times, that’s what I do. I’m not talking about grammar, although there’s enough errors out there to fill Warehouse 13 and 14 in all genres. I’m talking about making sure my story is tight, finished, and what I want to sell to you.

I am NOT going to try and give you an unfinished product that you have to pay for and THEN wait for feedback to change/update/modify the ebook. That’s like scratching my computer and telling me that the insides still run – the writing is good but let’s keep tweaking the story based on what feedback I get.

You, the customer/consumer/reader deserve the best I can give you.

I promise to give you my best.

Ranting over.


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