Always moving forward…

I’ve got, at last count, over fifty books on the art of writing on my bookshelves. At least that many in ebook form on my Nook.

That’s a lot of books. And I keep adding to them because I believe I cannot ever NOT keep moving forward and learning how to tell a better story.

I think it’s important for all authors to keep doing this – learning something about the craft. It may be by going to seminars or conferences, chatting in online forums or reading books but an author can’t sit back and claim they’ve reached the heights of what he/she knows about writing and that’s it.


I’ve decided to put a few notes below on authors and their books I highly recommend to anyone looking for something to add to their shelves – and feel free to add your own recommendations below!

(all links to B&N – I’m a Nook girl!)

Chuck Wendig – the man is profane and vulgar and he punches you with the truth whether you like it or not. Start with 250 Things You Should Know About Writing and move onto his further works. Follow him on Twitter and visit him at Terrible Minds. He speaks wisdom even if he whacks you over the head with a chair with it.

James Scott Bell – his writing books for Writer’s Digest are faboo but I also have to recommend his self-pub book, Writing Fiction For All You’re Worth. The man puts it out there in plain language and you’ll find all of his books gems to have in your writing library.

A note of caution, though – with the arrival of self-publishing there’s a LOT of “how to” books flooding the ‘net about how to Be A Great Writer written by, well… not so great writers. Some are thinly-disguised attempts for you to buy their works, some rants against trade publishing and some just plain old bad advice warped by bad experiences with bad information. Check out the author before buying ANY writing books – see what his/her track record is. See beyond a flashy cover and five star recommendations.

But keep on reading. And writing!



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