Over the weekend the hubby and I did back-to-back viewings of The Avengers (one more time!) and the new Spiderman – mostly because a friend was visiting and she loves to hear the hubby’s comic book trivia about all the little things in the movie that often get missed by the casual viewer. (Crows in Avengers, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

Spoilers below so be warned…


I have to admit I was predisposed NOT to like this new reboot if only because I thought it was too much, too soon. Toby McGuire did a fine job up to the last movie which, IMO, was a clustermess because of having too many plotlines. You can have a dozen threads going if you’re an ongoing series like Game of Thrones where everyone can get their fifteen minutes of lines but in a two hour movie you can’t have the Goblin, Venom and Sandman storylines along with the usual angst and make it work.

But I digress.

I didn’t *hate* the new Spiderman but I didn’t love it – first complaint is Garfield’s hair. I spent more time wondering how he’d see through the mask with that mop begging to be cut.

Second complaint is an editing mistake, or what I HOPE was an editing mistake. At one point in the movie Captain Stacy has a large amount of his force out hunting Spidey…

… while the Lizard is attacking policemen with a bioweapon. Attacking. Bioweapon. And you’re sending your men after a webslinger instead of focusing on the much bigger threat? I figure the editing should have put one before the other and it was just a mistake. I hope.

But overall it wasn’t a bad movie – I’m just a little leery of reboots coming fast and furiously when there’s plenty of new material just waiting to be done. Where’s my Black Widow movie? Where’s my Wonder Woman series? Where’s my Jo Tanis?


Now back to working on the third Blood of the Pride book…



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