Surviving #Origins2012

I’m still recovering from a great time at Origins 2012 in Columbus – we drove back on Sunday after pigging out at BD’s Mongolian Grill and I was pretty well wiped yesterday and had to just sit and watch the Wookie unpack all the goodies…

… really.

*sly wink*

The highlights: Meeting some great people – including Maria, a fan from WAY back who knew me as Sheryl Martin in my old fanfiction writing days! It was great to meet her and to remember the grand old days of fanfiction!

The Flash Fiction panel – we had three EXCELLENT authors producing short pieces and I hope they chase them to publication – they were all great shorts and deserve to be published. It was an honor to sit with Jean Rabe, Sarah Hans, Tracy Chowdhury and Addie J. King for that one!

I was also on the World Building panel with Dylan Birtolo (biggest FLIRT EVAH! XD), Tracy Chowdhury and K.T. Kaelin for another great discussion.

Origins isn’t known yet for their great writing programming but it’s getting there – next year should be even better!

Downside: The visitor who came around to each author table and asked for a one minute sales pitch on each book. I snapped back with my best but it’s a really tacky thing to do. Really. And screaming that every author should have their book on Kindle so loudly that it interrupts other discussions is, again, tacky.

The self-published author who stood in front of my table and pitched his book not only to me but also the woman I was chatting to about steampunk. Dude, get your own table. I respect the fact you’re a veteran and thank you for your service to our country but trying to steal my potential customer (who left and didn’t return) and butting in to try and sell your own book… tres tacky. Beyond belief tacky. Get your own table and then you can pitch to anyone who walks by.

And before anyone leaps in to defend self-publishing – some of the best authors there were and are self-published. I’m talking about basic manners where you don’t try and poach customers. Again, tres tacky. And you give the other self-published authors a bad rep when you do that.

I was surprised at how many people wanted to know if my books were available in ebook form – YES! It was great to be able to point to the entire “Blaze of Glory” series and point out that buying the set would cost under $15 depending on your platform.

My hubby loved getting some RPG in – Pathfinder and Rifts. We participated in the D&D Next demo but due to a NDA I can’t say much about it – but we did like what we saw. Also got some faboo flying in with the Aerodrome pilots for Wings of Glory and can’t say enough about these great friendly folks. If you’re in Ohio and looking for a good WWI mini game be sure to take a look!

Overall we had a great time and I hope to be asked back for next year’s Library track – and I hope to meet some of you in person!



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