Six Sentence Sunday – “Blood of the Pride”

I’m tickled pink at the chance to continue this series with Carina Press – the second book is set for a March 2013 release and I’m bashing away at the third book with a fourth in the planning stages.

So for those of you who have missed it (and where were you?) here’s a bit of where it all started from!


“You knew one part of me.”

“I knew enough.” His lips grazed my earlobe, stopping to tug lightly on the delicate skin. “What you were before, what I was before, that doesn’t matter in the long run. It shouldn’t matter. It’s what we are now, where we go from here that defines us.”


And if you’re going to be at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio – stop on by to say hello and grab a discount coupon for “Blood of The Pride“! Hope to meet some of you there!

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