Why Canada should invade the US…

I’ve been living in the United States for over a decade – and very grateful for the opportunity to do so with my wonderful hubby… but there’s one aspect of the US that just drives me totally crazy.

The federal elections.

Are just too darned long.

Canada has a very different political system – in a nutshell, you vote for the party not the individual. And there’s different levels, unelected Senate and all that.

But the ONE thing I wish the US would adapt/steal/borrow from us Canucks is…


… our federal election campaigns last less than three months, on average. Sometimes even two months.

Just think about it. Right now we’re heading into over six months of screaming political commercials – most of which I feel are totally useless after a certain point – if you don’t know a month or two before the election who you’re going to vote for is a commercial REALLY going to change your mind?

Consider this – only two months of commercials and campaigning. Intense, power push and all done in less time than it takes to birth a baby.

Wouldn’t it be nice?


(jmo, of course.)


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