More “Blood of The Pride”? Yes, please!

I’m thrilled to announce the sale of the sequel to “Blood of The Pride” to Carina Press, tentatively set for a March 2013 release!

Book 2:

In the few months since Rebecca Desjardin met Brandon Hanover her life’s turned upside down – but the bills still need to be paid. When a job comes her way from Jess, her Felis overseer, she’s reluctant to take it but needs the cash and needs to see justice done.

Mike Hansa is dead, seemingly murdered by a jealous Felis woman at the strip club where he worked. Now Reb must not only tread through local Felis politics to find a killer but deal with her own feelings as a Felis man appears on the scene to court her away from Brandon. As she sorts out the truth from the lies she finds herself in danger and risks losing everything – including Brandon.

I’m tickled pink at the idea of continuing the adventures of Rebecca and Brandon and hope you’ll all come along for the ride…

… and if you have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s Blood of The Pride at Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you want to catch up!

It’s been a great year so far – and thanks to everyone who’s helped make it that way – now to get ready for Origins 2012!


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