Six Sentence Sunday!

I saw the first rough draft of the cover for the third “Blaze of Glory” book – and it was GLORIOUS! Kanaxa truly is a Cover Art Goddess… and I’ll share it with you as soon as I can!

In the meantime, here’s a sample from the upcoming release of “Heroes Lost and Found” – the last in the trilogy.








“Goodbye, Inferno. Again.”

Dykovski tapped the gold button.

Kit’s good eye locked with mine for a split-second, strong and fearless.

I couldn’t breathe.

The explosion deafened me for a second, the roar of thunder washing over me as I flung myself against the back of the cage in a primeval urge to get away, get away from death.


If you’d like to catch up on the “Blaze of Glory” series before the last one comes out, please duck over to Samhain (or your favorite ebookstore!) before “Heroes Lost and Found” releases in October, 2012!

And on a personal note – I won’t be around for a few weeks for SSS. My mother in Canada just underwent a triple bypass heart surgery and I’m off to help her out as she recovers. I’ll be oot and aboot online but as you can understand my attention will be elsewhere. But I encourage you to all keep on visiting all the great authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday and purchase books from them!




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