A few years ago I picked up a used audiobook for my husband – a Batman story for him to listen to while he did his daily commute to and from work. Since he spends three hours a day traveling I figured it’d be a welcome distraction.

Boy, was I right.

We’ve got an entire shelf filled to the brim with audiobooks now – Justice League, Star Wars, J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series (I put him onto that one!) – probably well over five hundred hours of listening time.

Me, I started listening to audiobooks back when they were on thin little white cassette tapes stuffed into my Walkman while I sat on the Toronto subway going to and from work. Back then my love was Robert Parker and his Spencer series – I could fall asleep listening to the story and wake up just at the right time to get off at my stop and know where in the story I was. I’ll readily admit that Parker was a major influence on my writing and I miss him and Spencer a whole lot.

Which brings me up to the present and the mega-cool announcement that I have, for the first time, my OWN audiobook., in partnership with Carina Press, has released the audiobook of “Blood of the Pride” – written by yours truly and narrated by Michele Knotz.

You can sign in using your Amazon account, since is part of Amazon and decide if you want just my audiobook or pick up some other goodies for your listening pleasure.

My hubby’s thrilled at the idea of hearing my words on the way to and from work – and I hope some of you will consider adding audiobooks (not just mine!) to your libraries. It’s a great way to make commuting more interesting and catch up on your backlist.

My thanks to Audible, Carina and Michelle Knotz for putting out such a faboo audiobook!

(and, you know, it’s available as an ebook too!)


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