Six Sentence Sunday! “Heroes Lost and Found”!

I’m thrilled to announce the third in the “Blaze of Glory” series has been contracted by Samhain Publishing with a tentative publishing date of October, 2012 – the same month the paperback of “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” will be out!

And to start you thinking about this…


I stuffed the postcard into a pocket and stepped off the edge of the building, feeling a blast of heat race up under me. It took a second to push myself into flight mode, dropping at a respectable rate down towards the street.

I could have called the rest of the team over the link but we’d gotten star treatment from our hotel hosts in Vegas, free and clear while we destroyed their buffet and molested their table games. It only seemed fair to put myself on display again even if it was only for a few minutes.

The only shots anyone had gotten during my forced vacation had been in a tabloid, hazy images of a silhouette against the suite windows, the sparking from my fingers supplying a free firework show.

Good thing they hadn’t seen Hunter behind me.


Hope you’ll come along for the big finale in October!



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