Just… read.

Not too long ago I was standing in my local Barnes & Noble and overheard a conversation between two women.

Note: This is what authors do. We eavesdrop at every opportunity. We will listen to your cell phone conversations if you stand behind us at Starbucks and brag about your hot boyfriend; we will listen to you prattle to your BFF about the price of suntanning. We may not be scribbling notes down in a journal but we are listening to every word, every phrase and every mangled theory. It’s what we do.

Anyway these two women began an indepth analysis of what people liked which genres. It went something like this:

W1: “You know, Pam reads those.”

*gestures to mile-high Harlequin display*

“I wish she’d read something real. Like this.”

*holds out mystery novel*

W2: “Well, she only graduated high school. What do you expect?”

Insert me standing nearby and about to burst into flames.

It never ceases to amaze me when people judge you by what you read. If you read *this* you must be *this* and so forth. If you’re a romance reader you’re obviously a spinster looking for twu luv and living with fifty cats. If you read mysteries you’re a failed Holmes working on those New York Time crossword puzzles in pen. If you read science fiction you’re one of those weird people who dress up in Star Trek garb and play WoW while waiting for mom to bring you more Hot Pockets.

And if you read “Twilight”…. well, there’s no hope for you. None at all.


I never judge anyone by what they read as long as they’re reading. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing kids running amok in a bookstore with an armful of books, faces bright with anticipation of the marvellous journey they’re about to undertake as soon as they get home. A few weeks ago my hubby and I were in our local comic book/gaming store and a family came in. Father walks up to the counter and says “We’re looking for my son’s first comic book.” and asks for recommendations.

I felt like I was at a coronation. Welcome to the wonderful world of reading, child. Comic books, Harry Potter, Twilight, Nora Roberts, whatever – welcome. Pull up a chair and sit awhile.

You’re never going to want to leave.

Now if we could all just get along and not snark at anyone’s reading habits… wouldn’t that a be wonderful thing?

Just a thought.


BTW, my giveaway for “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” ends tomorrow night at midnight! Drop down a post and comment for a chance to win copies of “Blaze of Glory” & “Heroes”!


2 thoughts on “Just… read.

  1. Hi Sheryl, I couldn’t agree more. My 3 are all readers – happy cartwheel! – and nothing gives me a bigger kick than the sparkle in their eyes when they discover a new author that they love. Great post.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I cannot explain the shiver of joy that passes through me when my son asks to go to the library! I try to share my love of reading with my son (and maybe influence him in the teensyest bit) whenever possible. He of course is steadfast in his serious and in-depth study of trucks, trains, tractors, ships, cars and anything that builds or moves. So when we are in the mall at a bookstore and he holds up that book with all sorts of vehicles on it, fires of interest burning bright in both eyes, I smile, nod my head yes and count my blessings. He’s reading!

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