“Heroes Without, Monsters Within” release day! And a super giveaway!

It’s release day for my superhero sequel to “Blaze of Glory” – “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” is available NOW at Samhain Publishing, Amazon and B&N for your reading pleasure!

Fight alone, die alone.

Blaze of Glory, Book 2

In the weeks since Jo “Surf” Tanis and her rough-and-tumble band of super-powered actors broke free of the government-sponsored superhero show, they’re all still dealing with the aftershock of adjusting to this thing called reality.

It doesn’t get much more real than a mission to dig survivors out of what’s left of Erie, PA, after a mysterious earthquake. A trembler that powerful is as out of place as Jo feels as the de-facto leader of the troupe. Not to mention the soul-shaking feelings she has for Hunter, a team member whose past as an Agency Guardian casts a heavy shadow over any possible relationship.

It seems one of the supers, an earth-warper named Ground Pounder, has gone rogue, using his freedom from the Agency’s brand of virtual slavery to put the “villain” back in supervillain. Failure to find him before any more innocent bystanders are hurt means the team could be back under the Agency’s thumb.

It’s a burden that doesn’t rest easy on Jo’s shoulders…especially when the man who’s invaded her heart is caught in the crossfire. 

Product Warnings

Contains kick-ass super women, super men and a budding romance ready to go into orbit. Also, gambling and Las Vegas buffets! 

RT Book Reviews gives “Heroes Without, Monsters Within” 4 out of 5 stars and says:
“This sequel … surpasses the storytelling of the original. Nantus knows how to work with setting; the scenes in Las Vegas are vivid and accurate while the supers’ secret lair is homey and comfortable.”

And to make it a super-duper day, I’m going to give away TWO sets of ebooks with BOTH “Blaze of Glory” and “Heroes Without, Monsters Within”! If you haven’t read “Blaze of Glory” yet – (and why haven’t you?) why not get the first AND second ebooks at once?

All you have to do is comment here –  the contest ends on January 7th at midnight and I’ll randomly pick two lucky winners who will each receive copies of “Blaze” and “Monsters” in whatever e-format they want.

So come on and take a walk on the super side!


7 thoughts on ““Heroes Without, Monsters Within” release day! And a super giveaway!

  1. Terrific! I’m thrilled you’re not only having a great release, but also that the review was so positive! Go, woman, go!

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