Game Night!

Every Wednesday night the Wookie and I have Game Night, sort of a cheap date night where we pick games out of our overflowing game room (note: not closet, ROOM) and settle down for an evening of gaming. With only two of us it’s been a bit hard to find games that’ll give us a good ride but we’ve managed – and I’d like to share some of the lesser-known ones with you in case you’re looking for a fun gift or something to start your own Game Night with!

Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games

Right off the top I have to confess that I hate zombies. With a passion. As in, nightmares after seeing a Walking Dead promo. But Zombie Dice is so much fun and so interesting that it’s safe for me to play. It’s relatively simple, roll dice and gather up brains… but watch out for the shotguns and exploding zombies! It’s a fast-paced, fun game for as many people as want to play and highly portable. Worth the money if you’re looking for something noisy and different.

Seven Dragons by Looney Labs

I tripped across this game this past summer at Origins Game Fair and bought it before even trying it out – the artwork is THAT GOOD. It’s a version of dominos played with different colors of dragons with enough strategy to keep you going for a long, long time. Even with only two of us playing we can have a great game and the artwork has you studying the cards more for the beautiful dragons rather than strategizing. Great for kids and for lots of friends to play.

Memoir ’44 by Days of Wonder

The purchase of this game came out of the Wookie’s search to find a WWII board game that wasn’t too complex (ie: turns took hours) and giving a good bang for a buck. This board game does both and we can’t recommend it enough. The basic set gives you over twenty scenarios with the board changing for each game, a slew of plastic pieces and a great battle system that allows you to play a game in under an hour – then switch sides and play it again! The expansions are affordable along with interesting and we’ve picked them all up as we work our way through the different battles. If you’re looking for a board game with a battle system that’s smart and efficient, this is the game for you.

I’ll stop now and let you check out those three. All the links above go to the manufacturer’s website and can be found at many online and offline gaming stores as well as Amazon, etc.
I hope I’ve encouraged some of you to grab some out-of-the-way games and consider doing your own Game Night, either with friends or family. I wouldn’t go so far as to say forget the Sunday Football or Saturday Night Hockey parties but if you’re looking for something different…



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