The Project

A few years ago I sold a short story to GRIT Magazine – a sweet little ditty that I enjoyed writing and still enjoy rereading.

I’ve decided to put it up for sale so anyone who would like to take a look at it is welcome. Here’s “The Project” at B&N and at the main site, Smashwords.

Before anyone asks – no, I’m not racing to put it up on Kindle. I’m not thrilled with the way Amazon does business and besides, the time I’d spend wrangling the formatting for Kindle I’d rather spend on writing new material. Eventually Smashwords will put it up there when they work out a deal with Amazon but since it’s been over a year and they still can’t seem to get their collective acts together I’m not holding my breath.

But wait, you say… $1.99? For a short story?


This is a short story that was accepted and printed by one of the better magazines around. It’s not so much a self-pub project as a reprint of a story that’s already proven it’s worth to at least the editors at GRIT.

Anyway, here’s the blurb. I hope you’ll consider dropping by and at least checking out the sample – and if you’d buy a copy I’d appreciate it.


The Project

Jeff McAllister’s wife, Jessie, loved her quilts and her computer. But now she’s gone, and Jeff has to figure out how to survive without her and how to deal with her online legacy. With the companionship of his faithful Golden Retriever, he begins the toughest project of his life, still grieving over his loss.


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