Why October scares me…

I’ll admit it, I really hate October. Aside from the obvious changing of the seasons and all that, I’m terrified of… being terrified.

I hate horror films with a passion. I willl walk out of the room if the hubby puts one on the telly for longer than it takes to identify it.

Now, strange as it may sound, I’m not squeamish. I’ve worked in a hospital and wheeled crispy critters to the morgue and thrown shirts in the garbage instead of the laundry when I got home from work because there was too much blood on them to try and wash them. I’ve seen fingers sans hands and held down patients while doctors sewed vital blood vessels shut because the patient was too drunk to know he was bleeding to death. I’ve helped mortuary assistants to load up bodies for delivery to the funeral home, all wrapped in plastic with the toe tags and all. I’ve also watched medical waste containers be emptied *after* being filled with various *things* which were exactly what you’re thinking they were.

But horror films… *shudders*

We’re talking nightmare city. And considering the last time I had a nightmare I whomped the Wookie in his sensitive parts with my thrashing it’s all for the best if I avoid pretty well ALL of the television shows for the month of October.

So… I’m a wuss. But I at least know what scares me and what to do about it. So Halloween for me ain’t the best part of the year. Other than scarfing candy, that is.

Anyone have any real fears you want to share in the spirit of the season?

Or shall we just munch on candy corn and wait for “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” to start playing non-stop on the telly…



4 thoughts on “Why October scares me…

  1. I can write it but I sure as hell can’t watch it. Finger violence, eye violence… I can’t even proofread advertorial featuring safety tips for eyes.

    As for the nadir of horror, I suggest you avoid The Human Centipede.


    • Oh, Lordie… saw some info on IO9 about that. And the sequel they’re shooting…


      If aliens ever do visit our planet I pray they don’t look at television for an indication of how our society works…

  2. I am more of a science fiction and fantasy man myself, but my wife is most definitely a horror fan. She lives for all the bad horror movie specials that come on, Masters of Horror, 30 Nights of Terror, that kind of thing. All the usual show get moved down in priority when October comes around. Thank dog for TiVo. Iron Chef, Chuck, Castle, Leverage, Psych, I don’t get to watch any of them until November.
    Consequently, October is my most productive writing month of all, as I turn away from the zombie-box and spend my time creating my own stories.

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