Six month Nook – ee Report!

Well, it’s been six months since the Wookie bought me my Nook and I thought I’d give a general update on to how I like/dislike it and what I’ve been doing with the darned thing!

First, I spent the extra money to get the extended warranty and spent a goodly amount to get a fine leather cover from Oberon Designs – highly recommend them for their notebook covers, Nook covers, Kindles… you get the idea. Black oriental dragon, just so you know. And it’s wearing wonderfully well and I love the feel!

So, as to the content…

B&N has totally won me over with their free books. Every Friday I get at least one free ebook, if not more. During the summer they ran a huge promotion of their classics – most of which are in the public domain, yes, but these are formatted for the Nook AND have a nice foreword and intro like the printed version, so it’s a nice drop in my archive. The free books range from pulpy goodness to recent releases to westerns to mysteries which is all good – along with the usual promotions that Samhain and other publishers have put out I’ve got over 100 ebooks… of which I’ve only bought about five or six.



Please don’t get me started on ebook piracy. I know my titles are up there and it grates on me that people don’t want to give me even a freaking buck for my hard work or that of my publisher and editor and cover artist.

But I digress.

I’ve picked up a subscription to the New York Times Book Review and am really enjoying it – I’d never see it around here in paper form, so getting it dropped into my Nook/PC for Nook’s mailbox each week is totally faboo!

Just picked up the new Tim Gunn book along with a book on the Zen in Basho’s Haiku – yes, I read that sort of stuff. And while some of the ebooks are a bit pricy I think the free ones tend to balance them out – aside from the fact that I want to read it now and not in hardcover for thirty bucks.


The web browser is pretty useless. Slow to respond and you’ll spend hours trying to navigate the pages. Total waste of space. Along with the two games – Sudoku and Chess. Not that I don’t like the games, but it’s an ebook reader. Keep it as such, please.

Aside from that I can’t think of much else. I do recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to play with the Amazon monster and who likes to get goodies from the Starbucks in the stores. I’ve gotten free cookies, chocolates and coffees. How great is that?


So…. two dragon claws up for the Nook – at least for now!


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