Interview with A Toad… no, really!

Instead of inflicting my ramblings on you today, I’m thrilled and pleased to present an interview with The Toad!

Now I can guess what you’re thinking – amphibian love? Really? But it’s much more than that – it’s a faboo blog you should be checking out to find some great books! And if you’re looking for some place to review your work… let me point you to a darned fine writer and editor to boot!

But let me allow the owner of the site to explain it – *jumps off lilypad* It’s all yours!

1) Tell us about Toad’s Corner.
One of my friends asked me why I don’t start a magazine focusing on genre fiction. After all, I’ve had more than a decade’s experience in various facets of the media industry, from magazines to below-the-line advertising to newspapers. I gave them “the look”, which basically suggests they’re out of their trees. You don’t just “start” a magazine. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and seen folks lose a helluva lot of money.
Unfortunately, I’m cursed with a mind that throws up lots of strange ideas. I looked at all my social networking sites and the seed of an idea was formed. You see, it’s all fine and well putting together a ‘zine for folks to download but then when are they going to read it. I’ve lost count of how many ‘zines are tucked away in folders on my hard drives. 
I love blogs but I hate the fact that I sometimes miss particular blogs if I don’t log on on a particular day. Facebook groups are useful for sending out notifications. Twitter’s great for sending out updates. I combined all three to create a “sort of” ezine. I update the blog (or try to) once a week, tweet the link then paste it to the Toad’s Corner on Facebook. At the end of the month, I send out a summary of the month’s posts (never more than four or five) so folks who’ve missed the notifications can decide whether a post catches their fancy.
2) What content do you post?
I’ve always wanted to run a genre fiction magazine. Of course, since I’m not actually crazy enough to try run one in print or try flogging it at people, I came up with Toad’s Corner to generate some excitement for genre fiction authors. Some are established. Some are newly published. It doesn’t matter who or where you are in the industry. Essentially, authors are welcome to submit answers to an interview, submit their fiction for review, share excerpts, short stories, flash fiction or even artwork. Hell, even guest blogs or cross-posting from another blog, if they should so wish. So long as we stick to one of the three genres (fantasy, science fiction or horror) we’re good.
3) What sort of feedback have you had from members of the group?
Much of the time I feel like I’m pissing in the wind. I send out monthly updates or post to the blog, all to deafening silence. But every once in a while, and it’s happening with greater regularity now, I get folks who message me to tell me thank you for this particular story or that particular review. That they’ve just gone to Amazon to buy the book based on my recommendation. Sometimes they just say thank you, that they enjoy the fact that there’s a short summary going with the links, and that they find the selection of stories, reviews and interviews interesting.
We live in an age with a multitude of distractions. With such an overabundance of information available, it’s sometimes great when someone does the filtering for you, presenting you with short bites of information you can pick and choose from. And that’s what Toad’s Corner aims to do.
4) What do you get out of it?
As a published author and editor, I love meeting people, especially other industry professionals. By helping each other build networks, it helps us to get word out there to potential readers. I believe the latest jumps in technology are impacting the way we communicate and do business, so any way in which we can share information with the right people is a good thing. 
5) How can I query Toad?
Send an email to and write “Toad’s Corner” in the subject line. Throw some ideas forward and we’ll see what we can put together.
Useful links:
House of Toad on blogspot:
*puffs out cheeks*

Garrumph… garrumph…

So get hopping over to Toad’s Corner and check it out!



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