The Waiting is the hardest part…

Well, less than two weeks left to go before “Wild Cards and Iron Horses” releases.

And yes, I’m dying of anticipation here. I think I can say, without fail, that this is the best book I’ve written so far. With the help of my FANTASTIC editor, Sasha Knight, that is…


Now it’s just the waiting that’s going to kill me.It’s already up for pre-order on Amazon and will probably go up on B&N a few days after it releases – B&N seems to be a little late when it comes to the new releases. But, hey… they’ve both already got the paperback version of “Blaze of Glory” up for pre-order, so I can’t complain.

Some little bits and pieces while I try to stay sane.

Just bought some faboo new tea combinations from Teavana – highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new tea experience. Don’t balk at the prices, you do get the bang for your buck. And the teas come in resealable bags with detachable labels for you to repackage! If anyone has any other tea shoppes to recommend, please do so!

Still loving my Nook – don’t regret buying at the higher price a whit, since I keep getting free books. And now picked up a subscription to the New York Times Book Review for $3.99 a month, so I can’t say anything bad there. The pricing scheme is still a pain, although I cn say with all honesty that I’ve only bought one or two books at “full ebook” price of $9.99. My heart’s with the cheaper books that are much more fun to buy and read from the smaller publishers. Like mine!


Following one self-pub indie author’s blog for a bit – can’t say that I see good things in the future. When your blog postings consist of putting down NY publishers because they’re all publishing “trash” and trumpeting your own work because, well, you don’t need “verification of your talent” from other sources… I think you see the problem there. If you want to self-pub, do so – but don’t put down those of us who try and maybe succeed in selling to any publisher, even the NYC group. If you’re pulling yourself up by putting others down, well – doesn’t bode well for the future. Karma is always a bitch.

BTW, I *do* plan a giveaway from WIaIH… and more than just an ebook. Let’s just say an actual copy of a book may be involved. Not mine, but of someone who inspires me to steampunk greatness.


And… off to work on the “sequel” to WCaIH! Back to Prosperity Ridge! Hiya!


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