Games within Games…

Well, we survived Origins 2010 – despite the best efforts of the GAMA staff to be as inept as possible, the hardworking volunteers once again pulled their collective fat out of the fire and made the gaming convention a great time. Met up with a few friends, spent OBSCENE amounts of money on games (which I’m busy beating Marty at) and had a great time. Two visits to B.D.’s Mongolian Grill made it a faboo trip!

Spent most of this week recovering, since I’m not a young kid anymore who can party all night and still keep moving… ah, who am I kidding, that chick is long gone. Just give me some chai and a good place to sit down.


Did a Dragon drive-by on Michael Stackpole at Origins – met him in the hallway, flashed my clockwork dragon ID before letting his handler rush him off to elsewhere. Met Aaron Alliston, a wonderful man. I do wish the Origins folks had organized the writing seminars better and actually let people know there were writing events going on. Rumor has it that the organizer quit two weeks before the con, but that’s not excuse for letting authors languish in limbo along with their fans. Supposedly David Weber was there, but who knows?
All in all, a good time was had by all!


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